The Story Behind This Blog

It happened a long time ago, or maybe just yesterday. Not quite sure, really. Time just folds over on time so that nothing is yesterday or tomorrow here.

I am The Dragonfly’s Student. That’s the most important thing you need to know about me. My name doesn’t matter. The lessons I relay are meant for all of us. Teacher gives life lessons meant to help us get through the sludge that is our reality. He also reminds us of another world; a better world. One where many of us know we belong.

This blog is free of all forms of organized religion.

I used to follow a religion. I was raised on rules, judging my neighbors for only coming to Church on Easter Sunday. I watched my friend become alienated from that place I used to call home, and then I became a stranger there, too, when the judging became alien to my soul.

Faith is definitely part of this web-log endeavor.

I have faith that a better world exists, that there are friends in that other dimension who watch over us. That there are Angels, Ascended Masters and personal Guardians. I believe in the all-encompassing Spirit whom many call God. And I believe we all have a Higher Self — a part of ourselves that understands all that Teacher’s about.

My faith is not dictated by an old man in a robe. My faith follows my heart and the lessons I learn from a beautiful dragonfly on this beautiful university campus.

Teacher is not a normal man. When he comes to us, he is a purple and indigo blue dragonfly who then transforms in front of us into a man — tall, tanned, and healthy, with long fingers that sometimes resemble the tips of wings. His head is clean-shaven, but he usually wears a hat or a baseball cap, and always his clothes are the colors of the dragonfly’s wings.

I’m getting to know my classmates better. The first, and most vocal, is the somewhat angry Irreverent Student, who has become, more or less, my friend. Another classmate is a girl named Faith, but she’s hardly in class anymore. I think she’s got an internship.

I invite you, my readers, to take this journey with me. I am told graduation will be glorious, but I’m still trying to figure out where this school is …. and how I got here.

Yours Truly,

The Dragonfly’s Student


  1. Thank you for your comment, Allison! There’s a new student that came to class just the other day that I’d like to write about for you. I’ll start paying better attention in class so that I can tell you how Admitted Outsider reacts to our lessons.


  2. I can really relate to The Dragonfly’s Student because I was raised Catholic but now I’m not sure where I stand regarding religion because I’ve recently realized that there is no scientific evidence for the existence of God, souls, heaven, hell, angels, demons, etc. and I’ve been really struggling with that because it’s almost like my whole life has been a lie and it’s confusing because I want to believe these things exist (well maybe not demons haha) but I’m a stronger believer in science. But just because there’s no evidence, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist either. It might be naive to believe there’s an entity watching over me and guiding me through life but I think it’s also just as naive to believe that we’re the only beings in the entire universe. There’s a good chance that there’s something much greater than us out there that we don’t know about. Or we may never know about it (which is where faith steps in)! Apparently we know more information about space than our own ocean. That tells you something about how much is still undiscovered here on Earth. I think it would be really interesting to see Teacher and his students approach these topics about what it means to be spiritual in this other world that they’re in (because it’s very hard to differentiate spirituality from religion), whether or not it’s important to be spiritual, if it’s important why is it important, how do you remain spiritual when you begin to question spirituality…things like that.

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