To the reader:

… And when the student is ready, the teacher will leave.

                                                            All my love always,

                                                                             The Dragonfly



From the student:

The lessons with my new, beloved teacher, El Juglador, will continue. And, despite the fact my Dragonfly Teacher has released me to continue my lessons, he is the one who found me and set me on this path. I remain, most devotedly,

The Dragonfly’s Student



  1. I just met you today in person, and you have helped me greatly from the first line I read from your blog: “When the student is ready, the teacher will leave….”. It has helped me cope and heal from a deep spiritual crisis I had allowed myself to experience a few years back. Thank you for sharing! Although I am taking over your classroom, I will never be able to replace the beautiful & powerful presence you’ve left behind. I will do my best to help keep the lamp lit.

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