Back to Reality

Now that I’ve left that amazing university in my mind and returned to Earth 3D, circa 2014, I’m wondering if maybe there’s a way back. Seriously, the lessons were so much easier without the doubts and limitations of this amnesia we live here.

The latest bomb to drop I learned at two this morning. Depression is a sign of spiritual awakening. F#&! …

That is so NOT cool. Here I am, Patty Pollyanna driving my happy mobile to spread peace, love and joy to all of humanity. Then this dark, Hummer-sized boulder drops in the middle of the road and I slam into it in a brutal head-on collision.

It’s like I’m in an avalanche sometimes, but every boulder I run into fades from memory until the next one. This amnesia is chronic!

This morning, panicked that I’m going to have to get on a chemical solution for my mood swings, my friends (the ones in Spirit who are awake at 2 a.m.!) inspired me to search for “depression and spiritual.”

That’s when I learned the deep, dark secret. Sure, many of us are searching to join Earth in her ascension to the 5th dimension. That’s awesome and all. But, damn, it’s not easy AT ALL. One of the sites I clicked on, Ascension Symptoms at, pretty much laid it out for me.

The list is expansive, and many of the symptoms can be explained away as other things, but many of them can’t.

For example, last year, as I was preparing for the new school year of 2012-13, I bent over to pick up a piece of paper in my classroom. I’m a healthy person. I’ve actually run a few 5K races, but when I stood up that day my heart started racing and wouldn’t stop. The palpitations continued even after sitting still and yoga breathing. Forty-five minutes later, I drove myself to the clinic where it was suggested that I go to the hospital. In the hospital, they did two days’ worth of tests and they came up with — nothing. My heart is healthy as a horse’s. Since then, I’ve done research.

Yeah, you got it. Palpitations are an awakening symptom. This has happened twice since then, but now that I understand, I just sit and breathe and wait for the wave to pass.

Other symptoms come and go with minor notice: migraines, loss of appetite, ringing and buzzing in the ears, the need to commune with nature — watch me randomly pull into a park to put a hand on an especially impressive tree. Weird, I tell ya! But I’m not crazy, I swear. Trust me, I’ve wondered that, but they tell me crazy people don’t think they’re going crazy.

Okay, so I’m not exactly healthy as a horse. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after complaining of an odd sensation in my feet. They did tests and decided I have the brain plaques that they tie to MS, where the body fights itself. But the MS hasn’t taken me yet. I’m fighting it. My Soul won’t let my Body give in.

Maybe I am crazy, I think the MS is a symptom of awakening!

So, what to do about these symptoms?

Experts remind us that these symptoms might be symptoms of something more severe. Check with your health professional first. Because I had a full check-up, I now know that my palpitations do not have a physical origin, so I can sit it out until the palpitations pass without fear or concern. After all, we should take care of ourselves — this is our only body during this process. Keep it healthy and protected.

Another suggestion is to follow your inner guidance always — if my gut is knotted over something, I follow-up. And, as I continue growing spiritually, I try to clean up my diet. It’s hard, but I’m trying. To control my MS, I take vitamins and have fresh veggies as much as possible. But I’m not perfect. I should go Gluten-free. That’s my next goal. I think eating more naturally and less chemically is crucial as our bodies assimilate into the higher vibrations.

My advice to myself and any who are also feeling the symptoms is to consider treating ascension symptoms holistically. Maybe some Reiki or other hands-on healing would help, as well as natural remedies instead of the harsh medications that many times come with a list of side-effects.

All the heavy, ascension stuff aside, though. Just breathe and ground and love, my friends. I can tell you that what waits for us is amazing. My heart floods with warmth when I consider the possibilities of the coming years. I don’t know how it’s all going to unfold, but judging by the world my teachers wove for me in the dragonfly’s university, it’s going to be worth it.

And remember, Namaste –

I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells.

I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace.

When you are in that place in you

and I am in that place in me,

we are one.


The Dragonfly’s Student



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