The Key is to Follow the Bread Crumbs

When my new teacher left the room, he handed me a piece of the skin he had just shed.

“Remember,” he said with a slight lisp, “you have entered a new place and must travel down a different road.”

Then I woke up, relieved that my lessons have continued despite my return to my 3D life. The dream, which becomes a fading ghost of a thought as the minutes tick closer to sunrise, left me with a sense of hope I haven’t felt in a long time. Yes, I must change. The snake skin taught me that. I must become what I am meant to become. I must now simply find the joy in that transformation.

I’ve grown tired of the depression I’ve allowed myself to fall into. It is not me.

This new teacher, the being I used to call Beloved, stands behind me as I tackle my waking life, his hand gently resting on my shoulder. There is no need to fear. No need to doubt.

But fear and doubt are not the emotions that were causing my depression. I now understand. What caused my sour mood was my inability to accept my authenticity. A plan has been set in motion for me, and I was trying to stop the wheels from turning. The resulting friction wears at me.

I guess that’s a lesson for us all.

I would consider my life a lucky one. Things always seem to work out right and I have always been able to find a smile to help me greet the day. I think that’s because I have usually followed my gut instincts, the guidance from my friends across the veil.

The direction our guides provide us are the breadcrumbs in the forest that will lead us back home, and as long as we follow their guidance all will work out for the best.

The problem comes when we let society or expectations or fear keep us from following the breadcrumbs.

So the best advice I can provide (for myself and my readers) is to set our minds on following the synchronicities in life that lead us down the path we set up for ourselves before we came into this game we call Life on Earth. There are no cheat codes to this game, as Beloved has said, except for the access we allow ourselves when we recognize the dotted line that stands out through the matrix.

Until next lesson, my friends, I will remain ever faithfully with an eye on the breadcrumbs,

The Dragonfly’s Student






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