Tick, Tock, Dragonfly

Tick,  ….

Time is irrelevant, I know, but I’m human. My life has been guided by those hands that rotate around twelve numbers, by alarm bells that end classes, by stop lights that turn green, by the idea of a deadline.

Relax, Writer. Breathe. Everything’s going to be So’k.

I want to believe that, really, but I want everything to get better today. And ever since Teacher left me on my own, my impatience has gotten worse. And as the stress and impatience degrades, it triggers moods that make it difficult for those friends to break through.

I’ve stopped looking for signs because I don’t think they’re coming.


Then my dad invited me to a family dinner because something inside of him urged him to invite me. A dragonfly led us down the right street.

Then a friend send me song lyrics because a strong urge hit her to share a song she’d remembered while she was working in her yard.

Then another friend begged me to help her deal with a problem she knew I’d understand.

Helpless, I allowed myself to be led through the evening.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The family dinner lifted my mood. The friend with the problem made me feel loved and powerful. And the song lyrics … well, they helped me connect.

The song was one I’d never heard by a band I didn’t know. The lyrics felt like a pat on the back. The words of the last line my friend had cut-and-pasted, “I’ll meet you there to say a quick hello,” left me with a soft smile.

Then, the box under that text, the box where I was about to write back to my friend … It wasn’t blank. Something had already been written, as if from me, except I hadn’t written anything.

The word? – “hello”


With that quick comment, I remembered. It’s not too late. I’m not alone. When I thought I was running out of time, my Spirit friends reached out to help, just as they help you.

Sometimes, that help our friends in Spirit send our way comes with a special nudge to invite someone who may need a healing laugh to share dinner with you. Sometimes it could be the thought that maybe the friend you haven’t talked to in a while would be perfect to help you. Maybe it’s that ear worm that makes you think of someone.

See, one of the lessons I learned from Teacher is very difficult to remember when the clock keeps ticking down on life this side of the veil. There is no ticking clock for them. The only deadline is the one set by us on this side.


The clock on the wall keeps turning, and I keep begging to hear more from the friends I had to leave behind when I came back. What this grouping of signs I received is teaching me is that they are always trying to talk to us. We just need to listen.

It also wouldn’t hurt if we stop waiting for the …

… Tock.

Until the next lesson, my friends, I remain,

The Dragonfly’s Student


So’k by Dramagods.

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