My Tuwanassapi — a Place of Belonging

The Royal Poinciana tree in my Meditation Space

Day 3

Seeking Teacher, I have embarked on a soul journey.

Create a sacred space, the guide book tells me. The Hopi indians called this their Tuwanasaapi, their place of belonging. The recommendation the book made was for a physical wheel or circle for me to sit in during my trip, but Teacher intruded into my thought again.

I found him, silent and smirking under the Royal Poinciana tree in my meditation space where we first met.

“Make your Tuwanassapi in your Meditation Space. I’ll be your North.”

So the Royal Poinciana tree, with its vivid red and green colors, represents my North. Teacher also guided me to focus on the chakra colors. Red and Green. Root and Heart. I guess we’ll be working on those. That’ll have to come in a different blog post.

East is next. I thought long and hard about the space where I haven’t been in a while because of the stresses of life. “What was to the East?” Oh, yes. The stream or, actually, a brook at this point — blue, it babbles as it rushes over dark gray stones worn smooth. The dark stones make the water look more rich, like that Indigo color I so love. Blue and Indigo. Throat and Third-eye.

West. What’s to my left is a field of purple and yellow wildflowers. Crown and Solar Plexus — my connection to Spirit and my gut instinct. Interesting field I had created!

South. Directly behind me is my house on a cliff and, flowing over the sky from the ocean which my house overlooks is a glorious splash of orange and pink from the sunset. (I know, it’s the South to my wheel, but faces West. I’m not even going to go crazy trying to explain it. It is what it is!) Sacral is Orange. It speaks of creativity. Pink, well, because I’m human, in means love to me!

When I finish mapping out my circle, I look toward Teacher, sitting, cross-legged under the Royal Poinciana that in Spanish is known as the Flamboyant.

I look for approval.

He smirks, shrugs, and, when I’ve just about lost my patience, he smiles. “Good luck.”

This is my next lesson, he says — to find the Teacher inside my heart.

That is all he says. Now he waits to congratulate me or to pick me up when I fall too hard.

Until next time, I’m forever faithfully

The Dragonfly’s Student


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