Waking from the haze

Some people are asleep. They live their lives as if something really important is driving them to move-move-move. They never reach their goal, though, because they are essentially sleep walking.

Movement is an illusion. I know this now. I used to be a sleepwalker. My drive buried me in my laptop-world of publication dreams. That dream stopped fulfilling me. Like Dorothy when she pulled back the curtain, I’m starting to see through the illusion. Little by little, I’m changing.  I’ve stopped running as blindly as I used to, and I’ve refocused myself.

What I’ve found is that there are many sleepwalkers out there, people who, like Dorothy’s friends, are searching for something outside themselves to bring them true happiness. Sometimes what drives them is obvious – that dream of success, the one promising riches or fame if you just work hard enough, or the dream promising happiness if you have that one secret ingredient like courage or heart. Then there’s the promised comfort  of a drink or a smoke as the sleepwalker continues to hide.

The sleepwalking may be obvious to awakened others, but most don’t see. And the sleepwalker is seldom awake enough to see himself in the illusion.

Many times the things we chase are only meant to shield us from our own truth. And as I continue my journey of truth, I find that what used to drive me does nothing for me anymore. What drives me now is an inner knowledge and acceptance.

As the morning star rises in the sky, hinting at the full awakening that comes with the Sun, I await the day and hope my sleepwalking will soon be over as my Ruby slippers glitter in the morning light.

May the Sun shine brightly on you, my friends. All my love to you,


The Dragonfly’s Student


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