Walk-In to Your Truth, Sing Your Song on the Mountains!

Recently, well, in the last few months, I’ve learned of a new phenomenon. New, for me, at least. If you believe in reincarnation and people who see and speak to spirits, it is not as impossible as it sounds. Well, I guess I had better explain and let you, my reader, decide.

The phenomenon of which I speak is called a Walk-In, or a soul exchange. It is a contract between two beings who have come to a mutual arrangement. It’s like … well, not really, but …. Let me see if I can make this a little easier to understand.

This is how I explained it to my sons:

* A walk-in is a spirit who steps into the body of another soul, with permission. The walk-out WANTS to leave. He’s not being forced out. It’s voluntary. It’s like taking that amazing dress you wore to your sister’s wedding and giving it away to Goodwill so that someone else can enjoy it. Seriously, it’s the ultimate recycle – why throw it away when, with a little elbow-grease, someone else can make use of this vehicle?

It’s not an option everyone can suddenly take, though. Usually it’s something that needs prior-approval, and a good reason for being allowed.

That’s where this gets sticky.

Walk-ins come in with a mission. There is something they need to do. They’ve pleaded their case and received approval to do this, but the re-birthing is painful. Sometimes it’s tied to a serious event like a car accident, so the body has to heal physically as the new owner of the body works through the hard-drive of the former inhabitant.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as a walk-out/walk-in during meditation. One says good-bye and the other says hello. Even then, though, it can be painful as the body works through the energy difference the new owner brings in. Like with a kidney transplant, the body needs to get acclimated to the “foreign” object.

Now this part is based on my intuition: As in yoga, when practitioners meditate on the sound of Om, I imagine that the difficulty for the walk-in experience might also have to do with how the new spirit sounds – its new pitch, its vibration. More than anything, our essence is musical. (I believe I am something that sounds like the “ai” in Faith and Fey. I can’t duplicate the pitch in this blog, but I can hear it in my head.)

So, imagine a new pitch vibrating in an old body that needs to get acclimated to its new soul. … it’s tough. Add to that, the reality that the old memories are fighting the new soul that came here with a specific purpose.

And that’s where I came in this summer.

I was on Facebook when a friend mentioned a name. I clicked on the link and I knew. It wasn’t a face, just an image, but I knew. That name matched my vibration.

That person was my soul family.

It has happened before. That’s exactly how I found my Soul Sister (not a walk-in) and my Soul Brother (now a new walk-in.) Their vibrations matched my own.

This new Soul Brother I found in June needed my help, I knew it. That knowledge drove me on my Vision Quest. He needed me to help him pull through and remember the reason he walked in.

He’s remembering now, almost three months after his walk-in, which was witnessed by a friend. It was also documented by a doctor’s physical examination that discovered a body that was healing in ways it shouldn’t be.

The reason I’m divulging this information now is two-fold. One, I believe this is pretty cool stuff that is happening and I had to share it with you, my readers. The second reason, though, is something I’ve written about before.

Some of us go through life thinking we don’t fit in, that this world is not our home or that we are miserable in this existence. But we’re not alone. … and I’m not talking about aliens. (That should be a different post completely!)

What I’m talking about is we come to this life with our soul families who are not necessarily part of our human families. Even though we are not walk-ins, we can remember why we came to this life and we can find our soul family.

How? By living our truth, our highest vibration. By singing our songs as loudly as we can. By living our joy. It’s easier to find our true path if we’re not obsessing with the negative influences of life.

“I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world,” Walt Whitman said. I think that meant the same thing I’m trying to tell you. We need to stand up for our truth and actually represent who we were meant to be.

It’s hard to stand for our truth when we’re too busy living what others expect, isn’t it? In the last few months, I have worked hard to rip my truth through the shell in which I had encased myself.

It was not as difficult, I dare say, as a true walk-in experience, but I feel as if my essence has finally stepped into the body into which it was born.

Trust me, my friends, the suffering is well worth it.

The Dragonfly’s Student






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