The Facebook Challenge

I shared this on Facebook, where the challenge originated, then I realized I have so many other friends with whom to share my thoughts. For you, my faithful readers, I have reposted this and changed it just a little:

I was challenged by my dad’s cousin, Virginia Perez-Santalla, to post three things for which I´m thankful during five days. I won’t do five days, I’m sorry Virginita, because I don’t like these Facebook and YouTube challenges, I’m sorry. Nothing against anyone, I just hear echoes of 1984 and Big Brother. *Shrug* … I will, because you are the one who challenged me, instead make a list of the things I am grateful for:

1) For a kind and understanding husband, Steve Locklin, and just as equally amazing sons, William Locklin and Thomas Locklin. They have taken the recent changes in my outlook on life very well! (For those who don’t know, I’m taking a leave of absence because I need to follow my dreams of being writer.)
2) For a loving and understand family, including my mom, Mariolga Fernandez, and dad, Alberto S Fernandez, for taking the same in stride!
3) For the students I have had over the last fifteen years, for giving me countless life lessons that I’m able to grow from even now, including Katrina Barnard, Anita Torrealba, Grever Martinez, Kayla Smith, Pretty Bossladi, Kevin Ordonez, Kevin Roache, Kevin Rostran, …. the list is endless.
4) For my writer friends, who helped me rediscover my passion year after year, including Marjetta Geerling, Linda Rodriguez Bernfeld, Gaby Triana, Joyce Sweeney, Jodi Turchin, and so many more. They have helped lay the brick and mortar than have been the strong support for this year.
5) For my coworkers at Miami Palmetto Senior High school for helping me pull through every year with a sense of humor, especially Armando Gonzalez, Ileana Vila, Melissa Jacobs, Patrice Bowman, Lisa Dillon (who hasn’t accepted my friend request yet! haha), and Joyce Brislawn.


6) For the friends I’ve made through Channeling and other groups, including Oktobre Taylor, MaryAnn Namaste, Ziba Shahriari Bennett, Jan Drake Bakke, David StarKey, and, most especially, Erik Rune Medhus and Elisa Medhus (!) for introducing me to a life I’ve been denying for too many years. 
7) Most especially, I am thankful for this glorious life and this beautiful world. For the elegant towering and flowering trees I love to lay my hands on to feel their strength, for the green grass I walk through in my bare feet, for the ocean and the lakes and the rivers that run through the continents like Gaia’s own nervous system and which I would never consider wasting on some silly Viral challenge just to save myself a forced donation to a good cause. For the birds that fly and walk or waddle and swim. For the animals that are our pets and the ones who just exist because they are glorious, like tigers, wolves, bears, armadillos, turtles, dolphins and those royal whales. I wish more people would understand how lucky we are to have been given this glorious playground on which to live.

8) For the readers who loyally follow the Dragonfly’s Student and my growth over the years. You are my inspiration to continue my search for spiritual growth and creative avenues to connect with the spirits who love us.

Finally, I will not challenge anyone to do anything more than read the things I am grateful for and to consider thinking about their own early Thanksgiving Day. God bless you, my friends and Namaste to all!

Much love to you, my friends,

The Dragonfly’s Student

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