The true tests of faith

It’s easy to have faith when your world is not shaken.

When a paycheck is still coming in and you’re still sleeping in your own bed, believing in something greater than yourself is not a stretch. My teachers and the friends who communicate from across the veil are a comforting belief when I’m “safe and sound” enjoying breakfast on the back porch of my home.

It becomes a little, different, however, when even my laptop is rebelling. I’m writing this blog post on my cell phone in the early mist of morning in what seems like a lifetime away from home.

It seems that way, because it is.

I left my life to follow a prophet _ not a physical being, but the prophet who speaks to my soul. I had to step away from the world to better hear that Little Voice inside of me, what some people call the Word of God.

Then the nibbles of doubt start eating at the edges of my faith. What if the visions from this summer were wrong? What if I misinterpreted the signs that pointed me this way?

Despite the questions, I stuck to my plan, knowing that my God would not leave me. My doubt would be addressed eventually.

Sunday morning’s readings at church seemed to be talking to me. It wouldn’t have meant as much if I hadn’t been questioning. Questions inject doubt and doubt sways faith.

“Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.” Proverbs 4:25.

My faith encountered something I’ve rarely met before — another who believes as deeply as I do; I had found someone who also walks with the Spirit of God by his side.

And my faith got a quick boost of truth.

This is not going to be easy. I mean, I understood from the get-go that I was stepping into a life different from any I’d known before. Instead of air conditioning and nightly “Big Bang Theory” reruns, I am sitting in the dark of a morning a lifetime away from what I knew before.

I’m NOT not scared, but fear takes a backseat now. I believe in the messages I got this summer — nothing will happen that wasn’t mean to happen. There is something special going on here.

Some may think I’ve gone all bible-thumping. Some may think I’ve changed too much. But, really, what’s changed about me is I’m living my Truth. I’m accepting the faith I’ve always had and I’m making it a real part of me.

And as I continue the summer vision quest, I am in a school of another kind — Learning. Growing. Accepting. The lessons are coming so fast and so true that they sometimes force me to take a breath to fully digest the information.

I’m loving this new reality where my faith is key!

Namaste, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student

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