Can You Hear Me Now?

Today’s blog is like a journal. Please forgive my personal musings…

I rarely remember my dreams. It used to bother me. I have friends who remember such amazing details from their dreams that it’s like they’re living a movie. They even have dreams about me. One friend dreamed that I couldn’t remember my dreams because I was “like the dead” … as if I was fully there in the afterlife in my sleep.

In fact, I’ve had a feeling for a very long time that I don’t remember my dreams because I’m working.

Another friend had a dream where real angels, like those with wings, visited him and told him that what I was doing (the road trip) was okay and was part of the plan. We would be protected and the angels agree with my plans.

The last dream I remember having was shortly before I left for my road trip this summer. I was the granddaughter of a property owner. When a prince visited, my grandfather allowed me to go with the prince on a search around the outskirts of our property to search for something precious that would be in a box.

I carry that dream with me still. That search around the outskirts of our property, I believe, is my road trip that began this summer. The prince in the dream is El Juglador, who has become my new teacher. Maybe my Dragonfly Teacher was the grandfather in that dream, because the dragonfly led me to my new teacher.

That’s it. That’s the last dream I remember. It doesn’t bother me anymore, though. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I still try to remember my dreams, but I’m satisfied with the feelings I wake up with. If I went to bed worried about something and wake instead feeling safe and secure about it, I take it as a message from my higher self.

I’m okay with it because I feel more connected to my Spirit friends than I ever have before. I don’t need to be asleep to hear them.

What I need you, my readers, to understand is this – you, too, are connected to that other dimension. Maybe it’s through your dreams. Write them down. Maybe it’s through that nagging voice in your head that tells you to talk to your former best friend. You should. Maybe it’s through the music that seems to be talking to you. It is.

We are all looking for that something that seems to be missing in our lives. Sometimes, we wish we could talk to our friends and family who have crossed the veil and are no longer living on the same 3D Earth where we live. We can.

Think of it like that old Verizon cell phone commercial – “Can you hear me now?” See, the thing is, they CAN hear us. We’re the ones with the lousy reception.

I got a new tattoo before I left on my road trip. It was designed by a former student who listened to what I wanted. It’s a bracelet on my right wrist. On the top of my wrist, an infinity symbol with a red rose sitting on top of it. On the underside, a pair of angel wings.

It is my mantra – I am ephemeral (like a rose), I am eternal (infinity), I am divine (angel wings.)

I tell you because I firmly believe we are all divine. Our home is that world where our essence is light. Most of us, however, are so stuck in this matrix of our human existence that we can’t see the glory of our being.

Close you eyes and imagine, for once at least, yourself as a being of light. Feel the love of the universe in your heart. Then accept it.

We are light beings living a human existence. Make your life truly divine.

Much love to you, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student


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