There’s a creator in us all

Has it ever happened to you?

Something somebody does or says, whether just an off-hand comment or a pointed argument, finds a place in your subconscious. It twists and digs itself deeper into you, making you doubt and question everything you ever believed. Maybe, it creates a new fear. Sometimes it becomes a new bias. That customer who calls you a slave for following the rules of your employer despite your best interests? That driver flicking you a finger? All have an effect on us.

On the other hand, what if that little nugget that comes to life in your heart is good. What if it moves you to action and to fully understand other points of view? What if it helps you realize that you need to make a change and stop being a slave to your captors? Sometimes it becomes that seed that somehow creates a giant Samauma tree.

It all begins with a comment someone makes.

I fear you may misunderstand. I don’t believe that I have supernatural powers. We all have this ability. Others do it for me ALL the time without realizing it. As for me, I’ve often let my words settle on the ears of my students and my friends. It could simply be a question that randomly enters my mind in the hopes that it triggers something in the listener. There’s no test that can determine how much of what I’ve said truly affects you, but I’m happy knowing it was heard. Just a little bit is needed to germinate a plant.

Sometimes, I see immediately how my presence affects those around me. Maybe a former student follows his dream instead of his father’s business. Maybe a friend acknowledges that what I said immensely affects her.

Most times, though, I must rest assured that one day I will be remembered when they least expect it. Maybe my name will never be mentioned. Maybe the other will never realize his idea was borne of my pains.

It doesn’t matter, really. All that matters is that my words or actions may have been the spark that helped someone create their own happiness.

Creation. That’s the lesson we need to learn while alive on Earth. We were made in the image of the Father. We, too, can create. Of course, not on such a grand scale …. Hmm. Let me think about that ….

We all have that power to create. We are creators. We can influence others with everything we say and do, despite our meaning behind it.

That’s the reality that is missing for many of us. We think we have no power, but we are powerful.

I hear that when we die, we are led to witness our lives from the eyes of those we affected most greatly. From their point of view. I wonder …. If we were able to see how our actions affect others now, before we die, would we change the world we create?

Today, an ember in me was fanned when I read about the illegal loggers in Peru who chopped down the Earth’s oldest tree. Gaia is crying. I feel her needles pain. Her tears have planted a battle cry in my soul. I feel like I need to go to her children and heal their pain, because I know there were many indigenous souls who went to her for some kind of nourishment. She’s lost a connection to us.

See, even Gaia is a creator, but not the way you think. She hasn’t just created animal and plant life. She isn’t just constantly birthing rocks and crystals. Have you ever sat under a tree and felt a feeling, or smelled a flower and remembered a love? Isaac Newton sat under a tree, they say, and came up with the theory of Gravity when an apple fell on his head. A lightning storm inspired Tesla. And a song a friend heard while walking through a forest led me to start questioning my reality.

We all have that power. We can create good dharma that can follow us for the rest of our lives and balance the eternal karma of creation.

I’d like to put out a homework assignment for my readers. Realize you are a creator, my friends. I challenge you to start thinking about how your words and actions affect your fellow human. (Future assignments will ask you to realize the same for other creatures and plant life.)

Don’t accept the old New Age belief that everything is justified because of some contract two non-corporeal beings made before this life. The truth is the contract is more general and supposes you will choose the best outcome for all concerned. If you agreed to help each other learn to trust others, violence and pain is not the only option to accomplish that task.

Remember that and step forward. Imagine it … how would our world be if everyone starts thinking of their fellow man’s feelings and their own power to create?

Namaste, my friends. I continue, most faithfully,

The Dragonfly’s Student


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