Today’s post is a share. My teacher muses on the roles we play. I have chosen the role of a student, always open, always learning. What role have you chosen, my friends?

Much love and brilliant light to you,

The Dragonfly’s Student

David D' Gilead

Sometimes we take life too seriously. We take the roles we play too seriously, we then validate ourselves, our self-worth, against the roles we play and how we play them in comparison to others (forgetting that we chose to play them for the sake of the game)…

Pen & Ink self portrait.DavidD'Gilead Pen & Ink self portrait. David D’Gilead 2015

What a beautiful mess of human kind-ness!

Some people take even their image in social media too seriously, getting completely identified with what they see on the screen, even if they are the ones that invented it and published it. And then some go further, gossiping about others they have never met but merely saw their updates on this virtual reality. Without realizing it, they don’t know the person at all, all they see is their reflection on a screen… Moreover only ONE reflection.

All I can do is smile.

I, especially, enjoy smiling…

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