The second chakra – The Sacral (orange)  

With this point in our development, we learn about the polarity of opposites (male/female, positive/negative.) This is where we explore our relationships with the opposite sex. Issues could include jealousy, betrayal, and power plays. Health issues include uterine or bladder problems, sexual difficulties, lower back pain, and problems with your large intestines.

Questions to ask yourself if you suspect an imbalance in this chakra include:

  1. Do you have issues with your own creativity or flexibility?

  2. Are you comfortable with your sexuality?

  3. Do you have control issues, either giving your power away in exchange for a favor or forcefully taking power away from others?

  4. Are you addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, people or something else?

  5. Do you feel guilt, shame, or anger towards the past?

  6. Do you find it difficult to make money?

  7. Do you stand up for yourself…say what you mean and mean what you say?

  8. Do you make everything a crisis?

This one is difficult to talk about sometimes. Many of us have no problem admitting we can’t make money, although we tend to blame others for placing us in those situations, but the sexual aspect of this chakra is taboo to many in the “Puritan” American culture.

“What? Puritan America?” you may say.

Yes. This country suffers a split personality when it comes to this. In front of others, we claim a healthy, holy sex life where we judge others for their promiscuity and their infidelity, while, behind closed doors, these same people practice what they preach against. I remember when 50 Shades of Grey was THE thing to read a couple of years ago. I learned about it observing the women from one of the departments at my school twittering about the book during a faculty meeting. I wonder how many of the women in America read the book on their Kindle so that no one would be the wiser; or how many read it simply because they bowed to peer pressure, as I did.

Think about it. How many commercials have sexual overtones? Even a chocolate bar ad seems to be mimicking a sexual act, but, God forbid, we would ever do that in real life. Throughout our culture, the Madonna/whore complex is alive and well. Men who sleep around are considered simply men sowing-their-wild-oats. Women who sleep around, however, are whores.

Another eye-opening revelation is when I talk to others and realize that there are many more people, both male and female, recovering in silence from sexual abuse and rape. In our society, we are expected to face our issues and recover immediately. But that’s difficult when that dysfunction is not socially acceptable, isn’t it?

Once we decide whether this chakra is an issue for us, we can continue to develop the higher chakras. This one’s a biggie, though.

Here’s a little meditation help. As you listen to this tone, visualize an orange crescent moon over your tail-bone. Repeat as necessary.

I wish you good healing, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student

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