Patience, Correct Yoda was


Today’s lesson is simple.

Many of us want to be done with this Spiritual lesson. We want to win the game. We want to complete our task and move on to the next level.

What if our task, right now, is to learn to big greater than we are now? What if, as we learn, our growth affects the world around us?

Think of it, would Luke have defeated Darth Vader if he hadn’t learned (even the little he did) from his teacher, Yoda?

Would Karate Kid’s Grasshopper have so well instilled his master’s lessons if he hadn’t repeated the Wax-on, Wax-off routine?

I think not. I truly believe that once we are on the path to spiritual enlightenment, the Journey becomes the Teacher.

Hmmm … that’s today’s Thought for the day.

Allow the Journey to be your Teacher.

Much love to you today as your meditate on these words, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student




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