Love, defined

What is this love New Agers spout? You know, “Love and Light to you.” I’ve said it. Many times, it is said by those who profess being in alignment with their One True self and with being awakened. It is being is constant communication with the Truth of our Creator.

Some would say that for there to be love, there must be hate. Love is subjective, they may say, so they question when I say love.

Fine, let me define myself.

To me, Love encompasses many things. It means:

  • I care for you
  • I like you as a person
  • I care about you
  • I’m concerned for your well-being
  • I want you to reach your own happiness in your own way.

The romantic love, the one everyone else thinks when they hear the word, that is not what I mean when I say “I love you.” When I say the words, I mean the care-like-concerned-happiness definition. It means I care for you.

English is such a limiting language. Love, for us, encompasses what in Spanish, for example, is covered by:

  • amar (passion)
  • querer (want or like)
  • gustar (to like or to have a taste for, enjoy)
  • adorar (to worship)
  • tener cariño (have a fondness for)
  • ser aficionado (have a fondness for)
  • encantar (enchanted by)

In English, one word covers it all.

What if you’re bilingual? Does the meaning of the English word have the same connotation?

I think this may be the difference.

To me, the love I feel for my fellow man, and all creatures who exist on this planet, is encompassed in the Spanish word Quiero – I like you. But the English word does not encompass the passionate like I feel, so I say love. Forgive me for my adulteration of the language.

What I feel is Divine Love for my fellow man, understanding and allowing for the duality of humanity. I don’t have to like you to love the essence of your being.

Others may say that if there is love, in this dualistic world there must be hate. Ah, that is another topic for another day.

For now, my friends, I say,

Love and Light to you,

… and what those words mean for me, when paired, is the truth about Divine Love, for that is the essence of the love our One True Source feels for us – His Love and His Light to illuminate our Truth.

Many blessings this morning,

The Dragonfly’s Student


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