Attached entities

I was in college when a sorority sister wondered why she couldn’t see an aura around me when she was able to see one around others and had seen mine before. We sat and talked about this and about the thoughts I was having at the time.

I had an entity attached, she said matter-of-factly — an elderly woman with heavy judgment and no joy. Then we discussed how to remove it. The prescription was prayer and asking for guidance from Source (we called him God then) and from my Spirit Guides.

The meditation worked and opened a new world for me, one where I felt my own strength and divinity, one where I paused in my self-questioning and felt an ever-present strength in the Light. I say paused, because, as we’re developing, does that self-doubt ever stop lurking? Not with me, unfortunately. I still have a lot of inner demons to dispel.

Inner demons, the ones that come from me, are not the ones this share deals with. Sort of. The demons the writer focuses on are those that attach to your doubt. I like to think those demons are my own, but isn’t that what religion has taught us? That we are sinners in need of bleaching? If I am to believe in religion, I will never be perfectly acceptable to God because, as a baby, I dared to be born into a human body with Original Sin. (Really, what is that? The fact that we are born evil has always bothered me about religion. Can’t we give a baby a clean slate?)

This article I’m sharing deals with 4th dimensional beings and is an exercise in growing, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. If it doesn’t resonate with you, though, don’t accept it.

That’s the truth with anything and everything. You are your own worst critic, but your own best window. Love yourself.

Namaste, dear friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student

Another Share.

4th Dimensional Entities and What You Can Do About Them (Includes Audio Meditation).


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