Petition for University of Miami students, alumni, faculty, and staff to preserve the pine rocklands on the South Campus land.

Today’s post is another share. This one takes two things close to my heart and puts them in a Pokemon-like battle.

I am a graduate of the University of Miami, School of Communication, 1988, and have always been a proud supporter of my “U,” to the point of proudly sporting a U tattoo.

I am also a fierce supporter of Gaia, or Mother Nature, or everything created for us on this beautiful planet. My heart cries when I see the land destroyed for things I see as unnecessary. In the south of the county, there are easily three Wal-Marts within a relatively short distance and four more a bit farther away. I see houses going up while others sit vacant, further angering me.

To me, the university was a place of learning and growing and researching, not destroying.

I share this to make a point.

petition UMiami to save the pine rocklands

In the summer of 2014, the University of Miami sold its South Campus land to developer Ram Realty with plans for a Walmart, hundreds of apartments, and a Chick-fil-A on one of the very last remaining significant areas of pine rockland ecosystem in the world. The outcry has been massive, and the University’s reputation has taken a huge hit. In a letter to the Miami Herald on March 13, 2015, Coconut Grove resident Marcia Proctor wrote, “The University of Miami should step forward to help rectify this mess. Its reputation has been deeply tarnished.” If you agree, please read the petition letter below. You can sign the petition by leaving a comment at the end of this post with your name and University of Miami status (e.g. “student,” “staff,” “alumnus/a,” “faculty,” etc.), or you can sign by sending an email to Thank you!

A New Beginning

To:  Donna Shalala, President, University…

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