Pausing brain overload

Lately, all I can do is study. I’ve learned I’m not the only one going through the motions of awakening. I’m not the only one questioning the world in which I live. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. The more I read, the more I want to read. One book leads to another website to another book which I approach voraciously.

Sometimes, though, I feel like a robot on overload.

But I can’t stop.

I feel like maybe, just maybe, the next book will be the lesson that makes it all fall into place. I can’t stop. Not yet, I plead. I need to know more.

I feel my tires wearing thin, but I’ll change them later. Now I have to keep driving forward.

Then a voice steps in.

“Breathe,” she says. She’s at peace. The image I get is of Pocahontas sitting cross-legged on a flat stone in the forest.

Breathe,” she repeats, her voice soft and molodic in its peace.

This being is not a mystery. She is not something outside of me. She is my Higher Self, in a way. I call her Me 2.0. The other me, the one who’s obsessed with studying, she’s Me Beta version.

I listen to Me 2.0 and stop reading.

I know she’s right. I need to give the new information a chance to take root and grow or wither. My obsessive learning is sowing seeds that aren’t given a chance to settle into the fertile earth and grow.

It’s time to breathe.

Maybe a trip to the beach or the Everglades will help. No internet, no books. Just the sun warming my skin and the wind blowing gently around me.

Yes. I can feel the weekend approaching now.

Peace to you, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student

Sometimes, Mother Earth calls me to take a moment to simply breathe.

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