Who will stand?

“Can we be happy when there’s injustice in the world?” El Juglador mused.

I wanted to justify my ever-present happiness, but couldn’t do that without sounding heartless. “Well, as long as I’m working to make it a better world,” I said, boiling it down.

I feel that for my teacher, intent is not enough justification.

It really isn’t for me, either.

Then I remembered a poster I had on my classroom wall for most of my fifteen years at the high school.


That idea rings more true for me now than ever. As I see today’s society, infighting over gay rights that are really just human rights, fear over that mysterious entity with an ancient name as a marketing tool, and the latest state-tagging known as forced health care and microchips, I realize we are not in as good a place as many of us want to believe.

There is a war out there, my friends, but we are not the soldiers, we are the farm animals.

Stay sane, dear ones.

The Dragonfly’s Student

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