The glorious Easter story


The Easter story was always my favorite biblical story. I identified with Mary Magdalene, the ever-loyal disciple who was given the privilege of being the first to see the Risen Christ and claimed The Lord is Risen! I wanted to be like her, so sure of her devotion to the Master that her motives were never questioned (by me, at least!)

A thirst for knowledge dawned through this story for me. I wanted to know more about the woman who loved. She became my guidance — my every decision has been based on this desire I had to be like her.

I think it’s a great guiding system I’ve set up for myself.

As I conclude my 40-day blog journey, I consider this as it relates to the temptations I spoke about yesterday. Many of them, actually all of them, caused doubt and made me question my decisions. Thinking about this now helps me remember that, whatever I do, if I can be sure that my decision was heart-based, not head-based or society-based, I can be sure that my self-chosen guiding system took over. (And if the head AND the heart agree, well that’s the goal, isn’t it?)

Phew,that’s a relief!

With this knowledge, I can now be at peace. I look forward to the fruits of the seeds I have planted throughout my life.

My next challenge … internalizing the knowledge of peace. Sheesh! Now, what? I want to be like the Virgin Mary?

Yeah, NO. That’s a lofty goal there! I think I’ll just work on internalizing the knowledge I’ve got so far. That’s a pretty big thing in itself, considering how easy it’s been so far (sarcasm isn’t easy to relay in text, is it?) I feel like slipping into some medieval chain-link armor before heading out into the world!

(I won’t post an image of She-Ra in armor, but … yeah, you get the picture!)

Namaste, my friends. Peace be with you on this glorious day.

The Dragonfly’s Student (Mari(!) Locklin)


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