The Eternal Waltz

I am one within myself,

one being with the

essence of two

in my core.

Like koi in a pond, the yin and yang of my

central being

swim round each other,

head to tail to head to tail.

But there’s more to my human existence.

I am not just the fish in unity, I am as

vibrant snakes

coiling the human spine.

The two as one.

In jest, we speak of

the angel and

the demon

perched on our shoulders.

Not a fiction to fear, but a truth to admire.

Yin and Yang, immersed in the eternal waltz of unity,

search for acceptance and balance

of the twisting, never-ending spiral

that is the eternal good and evil of self.

What humanity seeks is full balance

of the evil and good within,

loving all and doing no harm

as a perfect, true balance of self.

Being one within oneself, accepting the two as one, is having a true existence.

Love yourself, my friends, and learn to make the devil and the angel work in harmony within yourself.

The Dragonfly’s Student

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