Rainy Day Musings on … The Lie

It’s an unusually rainy day in Miami. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s that I’m contemplating the meaning of life, but another poem popped up in my own, personal Mental News Feed. It might be a little depressing, compared to my usually chipper mood, but introspection is necessary in this world. How else would we be certain that the path on which we travel is the right one for us and whether our expectations are realistic?

A leap of faith

The Lie

I fear that none of this

is real.

Not the home

which I adore,

not the dreams

I hold most dear

not the fire

in my heart.

The home

may become

a cross that weighs


on my back.

The dreams threaten

to become a fading mist

of lead pellets instead

of droplets

of water.

The burning fire

may grow dim

in the shadow

of a looming cloud

of perpetual rain.

I am

left to wonder as to


I’ve misinterpreted

my guidance

or whether

I’ve miscalculated

my goals.

The answer, I know, will only be found in a leap of faith.

There is nothing to fear.


The Dragonfly’s Student


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