… On nurturing the future

A beautiful young flower dedicated to all the mothers out there today.

Today is the day on which we honor our mothers. So, what is a mother? She is the one who gives birth to children who, by default, become the future of her existence. She gives life and hope to beings to whom is given the hope of a life they can make into their own truth. She gives her children the nurturing and protection they need until they can step into their own responsibility for, truthfully, her children’s happiness is the mother’s goal.

This has been my truth. I’ve never expected my children to become what I want them to be. All I want is for them to be the best them they decide they want to be. I hope I’ve set them on the path that will allow them to experience their own truth.

I was musing about this when I thought about our Creator (Source, God, Sophia, … whatever works for you!) Like a parent, God placed Man into the Garden of Eden (what I like to think of as Earth.) We were given food and shelter (a parent’s function) and rules and expectations.

You know the story. Adam and Eve decided to break the one rule their Father gave them, so He kicked them out of the house. Like a parent whose child has decided to break the most important rule of the family, God kicked them out of His house until they’re ready to truly own up to their transgression. As above so below.

It is no accident Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are on Sundays – God’s day. God, after all, is the parent of us all.

Recently, I was thinking about what it was in my upbringing that made me the person I am today, and I came upon a realization. Although my parents had high hopes for me, they let me follow my own dreams. They never judge me. Although they do try to make their thoughts clear, I am never treated poorly for making my own decisions. They understand I am on my own path through this existence.

I wonder. What if every parent on this Earth acknowledged that, by giving birth, they have become as the Eternal Parent? Would that change our parenting practices? Would the parents put themselves in the place of the child and remember how much they didn’t want to be forced to do anything? Would parents stop expecting children to conform? Ah. what a conundrum, though. A paradox, maybe? Is discipline necessary or is it only necessary because the possibility for discipline exists? Hmm. 

That’s a question for each of us to answer. Sometimes children hunger for the rod of discipline to help them discover what they don’t want, but I think there comes a time when the parent has to step back and let the adult child thrive in his or her own way.

After all, we can’t live their life for them.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all of us who have chosen to help raise young humans and set them on a path toward their own happiness, a life that only need pay homage to the memory of the parent by giving birth to a glorious life where those children become the creators of their own happiness.

Namaste, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student


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