When Spirit transcends

You know what I think? I think that people think I’m a little different because I talk about Spirits and Source and Namaste and God Bless You. They may even think I’m a little off my rocker, but not too much, so it’s okay. Maybe I’m just a little “woo-woo- spiritual,because some of the people I’ve claimed to communicate with are no longer in this world.

Okay, I’m fine with that.

What I wonder, though, is what would you think if I went one step further with my claims?

See, the thing is, I’ve been searching for something my entire life. The thirst that burned in me was sometimes quenched by a walk around a tree-filled area or some other spot where I felt close to “Mother Nature.” Sometimes, I would bury myself in a book or a TV show, but, while my mind was watching I Dream of Jeanie reruns or reading A Wrinkle in Time or listening to my Government teacher preach about the Magna Carta, my spirit was not paying attention.

My spirit was talking to God. (NOTE TO SELF … It’s really hard to remember things your Mind and Body go through when your thoughts are not where your body stands, let me tell ya!)

Oh, it’s no big deal. We all do it, in some way or another, even when we don’t think we do. It’s that little voice inside your head that wonders if maybe you should go back and give that loose $5 bill in your wallet to that homeless man playing the guitar on the corner.

God’s the spiritual hug that filled you with joy when you thought you would never stop weeping.

God’s that wrong turn that led you to your best friend.

God’s there when “You’ll never believe it, but the weirdest, coolest thing ever just happened” to you.

So, yes. When I was a kid, I talked to God. I never said anything to other people. It was no big deal, really. I knew that everyone could have a personal relationship with our Creator.

Then I grew up and was told that people who talk about God are kooks or crazies or evil because they are judgmental terrorists.

And so I learned to adapt. I hid my faith so deeply I stopped believing. I didn’t stop talking to God, but I stopped listening.

Then God called me back.

For a long time, I continued to keep my faith hidden. Then I learned to make it palatable – if you talk about Source or Spirit or Mother Earth, you will be accepted.

Interesting. Same idea, different name.

Same idea, different connotation. I wonder why that is? Maybe it’s the religious people we’ve heard about in the past. Maybe it’s that Fire-and-Brimstone preacher who scared the crap out of you? Or maybe it’s that really awesome, one-of-the-guys kind of priest who was “playing” with that little boy? Or maybe it’s the representations Hollywood has made depicting Christians as loony, empty-headed racists.

We’re not all like that, and we’re not all judgmental.

How about if I tell you I can’t live a day without talking to God? Not just thanking Him for the blessings He’s bestowed on me, but having conversations where He answers and I hear Him.

How about if I tell you that I worry about my friends and family. Most people don’t know how I really feel about God and His Kingdom, because I never prayed “like a hypocrite.” I wonder what my life would be like if I’d worn my faith on my sleeve…

So today, I ask you, dear readers, for one small favor:

*Throw away all of your conspiracy theory judgments.

*Throw away the masks you wear so that other people won’t recognize the real you.

*Throw away all preconceived notions and all judgment, self or otherwise.

Once you’ve thrown away what you don’t need, seek out some privacy, someplace where you will not be seen and where you can be yourself. For some people, the answer to that is the bathroom. I encourage you, instead, to take up walking and head for a park.

Find your privacy. Now talk to God. Don’t beg for signs or for favors or forgiveness, just say Hi.

Then wait.

… and pay attention.

God will say hi, back.

So, as I leave you on your own Spiritual quest, I will address one question some may have. Am I still searching for God?

Nope. I’ve found Him and have dedicated my life to His Will.

God Bless and Keep You Safe, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student



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