The light at the end of the tunnel

We are born into forgetfulness. That’s the truth. I’ve been reading the bible, researching on the internet and thinking about God and the Universe and where we go when we die. I used to believe the story some people (the ones who come back from death) tell about a dark, long tunnel with a brilliant light at the end.

But I’ve heard other stories where there is no tunnel. And there are people who report that the tunnel-light is a trap that recycles us into a reincarnation cycle that keeps humans stuck here in order to power-up some hungry alien species.

Geez. Even death is confusing!

That tunnel/reincarnation trap sounds like some sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? Kinda like The Matrix series of movies where humans are plugged in and sleeping in a massive alien factory. The human existence is simply one huge dream.

Throughout my life, in addition to feeling loving beings surrounding me during my most important moments, I have had experiences with beings that seem more nefarious than loving. Sometimes, their guidance seemed benevolent, but their energy made me scared and depressed or just plain hopeless.

As someone who has opened myself up to guidance from a higher source, I’ve recognized that dark energies like to hitchhike, especially with those who don’t recognize them as being dark. I’ve learned to keep those energies at bay by praying for guidance from my one true Source, by smudging with sage or even tobacco smoke, and even by connecting with nature. Here’s a good article about Smudging,

As a writer, my imagination goes crazy thinking about the many story ideas that spring from this question I’m posing. Are we protected from dark energy in the in-between, before we make it to God?

And as a sci-fi fan, connections made through favorite shows have a tendency to make me wonder.

This clip from Star Trek: Voyager is one example. Capt. Janeway is hovering between life and death. As her crew works to revive her, she is visited by a being who resembles her father who wants her to follow him through the tunnel. Janeway is a resilient bitch! (I love that about her!)

Janeway questions everything, and she doubts that the being is her father. As she wavers between consciousness and unconsciousness, where she becomes aware of her crew trying to save her, she realizes this being is trying to trap her as he’s trapped countless others. She finally tells him to go away and she wakes up with her crew.

I get that it’s easy to get confused when you die, especially if the death comes suddenly. Let’s say your car has just been t-boned by a semi and you have no idea what’s going on. Will you be thinking about your options on the other side? Nah, probably you’ll be confused until someone who looks like your grandmother reaches out for you.

That’s why I’m thinking about that white light at the end of the tunnel.

How will I know? Will I just trust that the light has my best interests in “mind?” We humans live an existence where, if we believe in a higher being like God, we assume He will take us in His arms and carry us to our Eternal Home. I’m reminded of the “visitation” I had one night in 1986. I haven’t told many about this.

I had been depressed, considering suicide, when a friend counseled me and suggested I pray for guidance. I set up my nightstand with my bible, my rosary (I was raised Catholic), my glass of water, a candle, and I prayed. In the middle of the night, I woke as if I was in a jet engine, a loud whirring spinning around my body as if I was floating over my bed. I opened my eyes to a light so brilliant I had to close my eyes. Petrified, I did the only thing that had ever made me feel safe. I prayed. The Lord’s Prayer. Over and over again I prayed for God’s help until something passed through me, pushing away the jet engine, leaving me sweating and catching my breath, my heart pounding relentlessly. My paralysis went away. For decades I’ve kicked myself for being too scared to face the brilliant light, but the message I got from the experience was loud enough.

My God had answered my prayers, telling me He was watching over me. All I need do is ask and allow God to answer.

Just like He’s answering my questions now.

How will I know if the light at the end of the tunnel is Him? I will have to ask. From what I understand, once you’ve made your intention known, the Universe dictates that your wishes must be followed. My wish? To meet the Creator of all.

The tunnel is supposedly a black void where we can decide where to go. Yes, the sci-fi stories make me question the process, but we can’t allow fear to enter the equation. I will not allow fear to follow me into death.

I am reinforcing this vow here and now, dear readers. While I am alive, I will strive to bring Heaven to Earth by following the path the Lord sets out for me. I am His willing instrument.

When I am finally called, I will look for the God I have found within me during my life and I will embrace Him.

That’s how I’ll know God.

I’d love to hear from you, my readers. What do you think will happen when you die?

The Dragonfly’s Student



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