A Servant’s Journey

UPDATE … It’s been a long two years since I got the call and took to the road. My Dragonfly Teacher doesn’t visit anymore, but I think that’s because I haven’t called on him. As I wrote just after he told me I was ready, “When the student is ready, the teacher will leave.” I now understand I was indeed ready.

He left me in the very capable hands of another teacher who continues to help me grow. This new teacher’s methods are definitely not as gentle as those of my Dragonfly Teacher! To clarify, this new teacher is not El Juglador. El Juglador, my traveling companion on this dual journey of ours, is a servant, as am I, of a greater teacher.

What have I learned?  I have learned to question everything I stood for before: First question, then verify, then, finally, re-validate so that everything I stand for now has been wrung through the wringer.

In the beginning, just after the dragonfly left, I met El Juglador, who was a church pipe organist when we began our journey. At the time, I had been locked into the world of materialism and Keeping-Up-With-The-Joneses. My eating habits, while modest due to perpetual dieting meant to keep me looking beautiful and young, drastically changed once El Juglador and I started our journey with our limited savings. What he brought along in his pack of supplies was an intense faith in our Creator and in His Word. Within a few months, I had realized that Jesus Christ had been an Essene and a vegetarian. When He cast the demons out of the possessed man and into the herd of pigs, it wasn’t so that the Israelites could feast on roast pork. Pigs are unclean. Ask any faithful Jew or Muslim. (Why don’t Christians believe it, as well?) To seal the bargain for me, pork started giving me migraines in 2014. No more bacon or Noche Buena feasts for me!

My spiritual beliefs have also changed. I felt I was talking to God, the Most High, but He wasn’t my primary contact, I’ve realized. I was lost in my search for spiritual answers. I followed just about any suggestion that was made by my friends and by spiritual gurus. I allowed myself to fall prey to other temptations. One of which, I must admit, was a Ouija board. I thought I protected myself from evil spirits, but, even if we wear the shield of God, we can’t be truly protected if we call demons into our lives. I know many of my friends may think I’m going overboard on this point, but I must be honest. In the past two years, I have had to cast several demons out of me. It hasn’t been easy or painless.

I just thank the Most High that He indeed knew my heart and yanked me from that world. (Yanked is the proper word here. I would not have seen the damage if I hadn’t been removed from its midst.)

The Promise Tree through our screen window, Phoenix, AZ. April 2016

The world as it is now.  I do not see things the same way I used to see things. My friends, trust me when I tell you that if you were to meet up with me today, you would not recognize me. Nothing that used to matter to me or make my blood boil has any effect on me. Even my music interests have changed. Hollywood is no longer where I look to for entertainment. Disney is no longer harmless fun. The news has become more like vacuous entertainment and disinformation redirecting our attention than anything holding any semblance of truth. My focus has turned from the material world to the spiritual world of YHWH and Yeshua. You may think I’ve lost my marbles, I think I’ve finally found my truth.

This is one servant’s journey:  I have hesitated to write blogs during my lessons because I am still learning. Looking back at past blogs, I am ashamed of some things I have written and done. I do not want people to think I believe I am better than anyone else. This blog is a journey. It is MY journey. Your journey will probably be different.

All that I can recommend is that you turn into yourself and recognize your authenticity, then act on it. You are not a slave to the material world unless you allow that world to enslave you. Look deep into your SOL (soul) and listen to your HEART, an anagram of EARTH, the one connection we all have with each other in this world. The Earth is our world and our Heart is our Truth.

I invite you to take a step onto that journey that is calling you. The devil’s worst lie is the promise that there will be plenty of time for you to change. There is no time better than the present, for we never know when our present will end.

I’d hate it if I’d waited too long to correct the harm that has taken me two years to undo.

Much love and peace to you, my friends. From the road, I continue to write as The Dragonfly’s Student and, as my character was in the story of Faith and the Dragonfly in earlier blogs, I am now and forever will be,

The Writer


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