The sin of Pride

The Biblical Solomon wrote that there are “six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him” (Prov 6:16). On that list, are “haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community” (Prov 6:17-19).

I wonder how many of us can identify these in ourselves? I know I’ve been having problems with some. I don’t think I am wicked, I do not shed innocent blood! But I know I used to be a meat eater, something shameful to say the least. (What did that pink little pig do to get himself butchered for a Miami Cuban’s Christmas?) But I wonder if things I think are innocent and harmless fall on that list.

Stirring up conflict …. hmmm. Would sharing Facebook posts be considered in this definition. I think, maybe, the lines are gray here. Best bet would be to stop doing that, even if I think I’m only sharing knowledge, it may be misconstrued.

… a false witness who pours out lies … Again, I don’t think I lie, but I find myself dipping into the synonym basket to redefine my beliefs so that the word isn’t as harsh. Sometimes, that can be considered lying. At least, it is not telling the complete truth, even if it’s only to protect someone’s feelings. A little white lie, I believe, is a much more clear explanation, but it doesn’t clear me of the guilt of “bearing false witness.”

And then there’s this doozy, … haughty eyes … I don’t think I think I’m better than others, although regretfully, I can see how some might think that about me! A synonym for haughty is pride. Again, I don’t think I’m boastful and I don’t think my pride is sinful …. after all, aren’t we encouraged to protect ourselves? Don’t we watch our credit report to make sure nobody steals our numbers? As women, aren’t we encouraged to protect ourselves so we don’t end up ravaged by a rapist or poverty-stricken like the bag lady who fed the birds in “Mary Poppins?”

Yes, even in this world of self-sufficient women, I wanted to be pampered and protected. I felt justified in my pride, but when you’re talking about God, pride gets in the way. Pride means trusting yourself more than trusting that the Almighty has you in His hands.Pride means being so caught up in my reality, in my little movie-inspired world, that I don’t see how little my meaningless existence means in this world of pain and need.

(As I write this, emergency personnel are cleaning up a pedestrian accident. Someone got hit by a car on the road near where I’m parked.) Really? And I’m writing about pride and deadly sins? That’s prideful!

My little human, first-world problems mean so little in this world where many are so consumed in their own lives that they look away when Gaia, our home, gets raped and pillaged by dark forces. So, instead of letting myself get caught up in my pride and all those other sins of which I’m sure I have been guilty, I will focus my intent on helping save our Mother Earth and trusting in my Lord Yeshua, her bridegroom.

Who’s with me?

Much love to all,

The Dragonfly’s Student





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