How to check-out of the Rat Race

“The shackles that keep you are your own beliefs.”

  • YouTuber Age of Disclosure

When trapped in the matrix of work, traffic, and weekends, few of us take the time to find our own truths. It’s an almost impossible task. How can you admit something is missing in your existence if you haven’t stepped outside of yourself to see? And how can we truly find Creator God if we don’t allow His Words to make a mark in us?

Before you continue reading, please stop. Ask yourself if you are really ready to make a change in your life. This post has been sitting in my “Unpublished” folder for a long time. I was not ready to share this with myself, let alone with my friends. Finding your self is harder than quitting your job and leaving your life. There’s work that must cut into the cushioned reality you imagined. It will be abrupt. You will not understand at first, then you will not recognize the old you from the new. That, at least, has been my experience.

Here are some basic steps I have stumbled upon.

  • The TV must be off! I dumped my last one somewhere in Arizona. I think it was in a rusty dumpster. I hope no one was able to rescue that Beast! I found that the lies being broadcast on a daily basis dumped me into a depressed state of reality — Why can’t my life be like the lives of the characters on the TV shows? Why is life so hard and empty? Why does it feel like I’m living just to pay to live? Once I turned the boob tube off, I stopped comparing myself to the fake reality on TV. Usually. (I still slip into that world if I’m not careful, slapping down demons trying to sneak back in. )
  • The internet can be a Godsend, if you use that Open Book of knowledge to expand your horizons and learn about the world in which you live. I’ve accessed research that is unavailable to many of us. I’ve found history that is missing from the history books. I’ve learned about truths that other nations know but has been hidden from most of us in America. I advise my friends to open their minds, but to use the internet wisely. Don’t fall for the voices that just mean to spread fear and division … it’s easy to fall for that if we’re not careful!
  • Social media can be mass hypnosis …. It can also be a place for us to find what is missing in ourselves. … It’s a sticky subject. These online Friends seem to understand us better than our family does, although that could be because we are more honest with these long distance friends. That’s something to consider! I have found a couple of real keepers who helped me get through the darkest times of this metamorphosis, but many others reflect a friendship based on the lies I was telling myself.

This is not a judgment on the quality of your friendships, but more a brutal truth about the lives many of us live. We look for Happiness, but don’t know how to find it, so we search outside our nine-to-five world. We work for the weekend, but the weekend is too brief to do everything we really want to do, so we search online in a world we don’t have time to find otherwise.

  • Meditation. This is more than taking a yoga class and chanting. Meditation requires allowing silence to enter your experience, then allowing it to help you find yourself.
  • Learn to see the truth backwards. Why can I see the bottom of a mountain science tells me should be below the curve of the Earth? What is providing a night-light for China when the moon spends part of the day hovering over the day-sky in Miami? There are individual trees we are told are hundreds of years old, but why are there no forests on earth older than 200 years old? Why do long-haired astronauts insist on wearing their hair loose? (I’d be wearing mine in a bun to keep the hairs from wrapping around the equipment.)
  • Regroup. Once you’ve destroyed your reality, you’re going to have to find a new one again. Good luck with that. You’ll have to detach from a lot or your family will want to put you in a loony bin. Truth!

If any of these pointers resonate with you, then you’re ready to find yourself. If not, just ignore this post before it becomes your own ticking bomb.

We have been given a precious gift in this life. Use it wisely. Find yourself trapped in this world’s web of deception, free yourself, then find the God who has been waiting for you to knock on His door.

Most sincerely,

The Dragonfly’s Student

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