Day 25, it’s tough

I’m tired of being Polly Positive, but I won’t give up. How can I, when I have found myself and the one true love of my lives over the past few years? I am more fortunate than many, I know. He says I am his Golden Ticket. He’s my Dream Come True.

I will remain positive, if only to be there for him when he needs this Polly in his life to share his joys as well as his disappointments.

But, of course, there’s one more thing I know as Truth. No matter how much the demons in this world take joy in causing suffering, I know I am protected by the shield of the Almighty God.

I found three shiny pennies today, the last one in the dark as I walked Minnah just now. Three is the number of the Trinity. What this tells me is that God is with me, during these times, especially.

All will be fine. Pollyanna is back! And this has been my hard-fought lesson today with my 25th #grayskychallenge. I think everything will work itself out.

Enjoy finding your way out of your own gray skies, my friends.

Much love,

The Dragonfly’s Student

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