Day 30, Bring On the Rain

Today marks the last day of my #grayskychallenge, where I promised to find a silver lining to every cloudy day that appeared.

From the very beginning, I noticed something almost unmistakable. As soon as I turned my frown upside-down, as soon as I found a new way of seeing things, the situation polished itself like the shiny old pennies I found that one day. That realization is what many spiritual gurus inspire in us … we create our own reality. We have the power to live the dream we would like to live.

On this Day 30, I have also learned about myself and my situation. Whereas I am typically a Polly Pollyanna seeing the good in every person and in every situation, sometimes being that person can be exhausting, especially if, as I had done, the weight of the entire “silver-lining” search had fallen in my lap.

Sometimes, the silver linings that presented themselves were not situations I had expected. Sometimes, they were more than I had ever wanted and just as daunting a task.

I am exhausted. I’m looking forward to a rainy day when I can curl up on my couch and meditate on what I really want out of my life. And, on that rainy day, I promise to appreciate the dark clouds and the blessings they provide.

But I am far from converting from my #grayskychallenge. I learned during these past 30 days, that the power of the human mind is limitless. I created a reality for myself during this past month and the Universe was agreeing with me. The question I must address here is, do I understand what I’ve gotten myself into and is this something I really want? (Maybe, like those three shiny pennies, this was meant for someone else? This will be an interesting meditation!)

Enjoy the rain, my friends,

The Dragonfly’s Student

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