Put on a happy face

#grayskychallenge update. 

I remember the song, “Gray skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face” from the musical “Bye, bye Birdie.” I loved musicals. I made the song my mantra.

Especially during my recent #grayskychallenge, the tune played in my head. What I found after my 30 day challenge was that gray skies did indeed clear up almost immediately because of the way I had decided to interpret the things that had been happening in my life.

That was early this month, ending 7/11/17, and the thing I’m realizing now is that sometimes, those rose-colored glasses I tend to put on are more like the blinders that keep horses from seeing the threatening fire so they can safely make it through the flames of the burning barn.

Interesting analogy….

The happy-days way to look at things is the method we humans have learned to make it through this life we’re living. We all have low points. We all stumble. We all wish for something better on this plane-tary experience we are living on Earth. 

We smile to help us feel better, but are smiles the masks we put on when the clown make-up has smudged off or are they a warrior’s shield?

We are spiritual beings trying to make the best of this human experience until we can make it back Home, where we feel safe in the arms of our Father. Putting on happy-face blinders may help us make it past the flames long enough to keep fighting the good fight.

Ah, but what about the next fire?

Can we forget the goal of our existence? Do we forget the goal? Yes, I think we can and we do, hence the need for the blinders and their rose tint. 

We forget and we lose the motivation to go on. If it weren’t for our loved ones, many may consider drastic means to rein in our exhaustion and make our own way Home. 

But it can’t work that way. We need to finish the race, so to speak. There is no short-cut. We are in a maze and there’s only one way out.

So, with that in mind, I encourage you to keep up the good fight. Stay strong in moments of weakness. Have Faith in the Father no matter how many of those around you have lost theirs. 

The Father wants to envelop you in His arms, but He’d prefer it be on His terms.

Namaste, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student

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