Dog Days of Summer (8/8 = Lion’s Gate) ❤

Do you want to play Pretend? The Lion’s Gate portal we entered in July is almost over, but you might still get a chance to jump into the game! Choose your role now!

Sirius -known as “The Dog Star” (20% brighter than our Sun), aligns with the Sun and our Earth-grid, joined by the Great Pyramids of Giza, creating a “gateway” of energy. Sirius is known also as the “Spiritual Sun.”

Astrologically, it happens in the month of Leo, which is known as “The Lion,” thus the name of this astrological alignment “The Lion’s Gate.” The gate opened up on July 26th, peaked on August 8th (8/8), and closes on August 12th. At the peak on 8/8, our World and the Spiritual Realm aligned to allow for a greater manifestation of desires, wishes, dreams, or goals. It’s time to really create powerful affirmations through words, actions, and thoughts.

Woodkid, “I Love You”

This happens yearly, but this year is special due to planetary alignments.
However, this year a brand-new galactic cycle began on July 26th. This is a newer, fresher energy than we have been dealing with the past 13 years. This is to allow us to remember our psychic gifts, while allowing them to manifest in an even greater capacity. I am ready for this next 13-year cycle with much excitement and curiosity.

Using the energies of our Universe allows us to heal the Old to allow and create the New. We are in a “three” year in Numerology, 2019 is 2+0+1+9 = 12, which is 1+2 = 3. The number three is all about creativity, fun, passion, joy, and inspiration. It symbolizes manifestation and growth as well.

With the Lion’s Gate bringing an influx of higher vibrational spiritual energies, it makes the gateway a particularly powerful time to create the future we desire.

While in the month of Leo, we are affected by the Leo energy. Leo’s are the spotlight of the Zodiac; the center of attention. They are loving, helpful, kind, and enjoy having fun!

Remember as a child how fun it was to play? To use your imagination?

Now is the time to return to those feelings of the pure joy of creation.

Write down your perfect world as if it exists in the now. What are you doing? Who are you with? Where are you? How does it feel? Be specific and allow room for expansion. Jupiter is in its home sign of Sagittarius until December 2019 and Jupiter is the planet of expansion.

Allow your dream world to expand and be in the now! This helps us to truly manifest properly.

The number eight, both the month and day of the peak of The Lion’s Gate, is also symbolic. Eight adds in even more wonderful energy for us to use! Eight is the number of endless possibilities, and when you lay eight on its side, it represents infinity. Infinite possibilities exist when we use our minds to joyfully create our best lives. And, how happy will we be when that life exists? Pretend and imagine that it does, just like a child playing make-believe as a prince or a pirate; I liked pretending I was magical like Jeannie from “I Dream of Jeannie” or Samantha from “Bewitched.” Interesting how even as a child I was interested in a magical world, where I could manifest anything with the snap of a finger, a twitch of my nose, or the playful swirl of my (pretend) ponytail. We are all magical-manifesters! The magical world is all about tuning in to our inner soul, doing our healing work to remove our inner obstacles to then be able to manifest our dreams and our Soul’s purpose. We are all energy, including our words, thoughts, and actions and all of these we use to manifest our reality. Therefore, use them wisely for your highest good.

Meditate during this time, as this brilliant line-up of Sirius with our Sun, Earth-grid, and pyramids brings in light codes of divine knowledge, wisdom, and other information to help us expand our consciousness.
It helps upgrade our DNA and Souls to become more enlightened, psychic, and connected to Source or use any term you prefer here; God, Spirit, Universe, Divine Light, or others. When we are connected to Source, we have the power to do what our Soul came here to do.

For some of you, it may perhaps involve discovering it, if you don’t know it yet. Remember that Leo spotlight! This energy could spotlight exactly what you need to do as your “Aha!” moment. Or perhaps it’s another “Aha!” moment for your next 13-year cycle.

The energy of this gateway is highly vibrational and a more powerful frequency than most people have experienced on a daily basis.
Please note, it can cause some imbalance in our physical being, such as dizziness, exhaustion, irritability, forgetfulness, vivid dreams, frustrations, intense emotions, or even increased energy. Just notice it and allow it to unfold as it is something for you to process for your learning, healing, and transformation.

Let’s use this potent energy to manifest our dreams!

Image: Woodkid – I love you
(Official video)


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