Hopi Elder for a People who fulfill their Birth Oath

Hopi Elder, by David A. Starkey

The Hopi Elder stood for a Proud people, a people indigenous to their land of America, a people systematically slaughtered by invaders or shuffled onto cramped Reservations sometimes far from where they were born; a people whose children were stolen to boarding schools where they lost their connection to the land.When Americans remember, we can hope this was only in history books. We detach ourselves because we think it’s Just the Past, Hakuna Matata, “Let it Go.”

< David at The Four Corners, an Offering for the Hopi:

An Offerring for the People who Hope >

I can’t let it go. This story is a microcosm of the macrocosm. I dare say it goes on still today as we shuffle our children into masonic buildings called schools, where they are taught to want to be like one of Them with our approval — After all, WE sent them to that world. We must want them to be like THEM.Here’s the thing I was led to ponder today. … no matter the differences between us, we all have the same Mother. Regardless of your belief system — Adam and Eve or that first amoeba in Science-history, WE, the people, All have the same DNA that connects us to this Earth, or so our science books tell us.We, as a people, have lost our direction, lost our Prime Directive to Protect the Plan(e)T.We have only ourselves to blame, but is that where the blame really lies? Our grand-parents were the grand-children of the stolen children of whatever land their parents lived for. Can they be blamed?I say no. I say we are the descendents of the proud Tribes that were slaughtered or indoctrinated. We are the victims who have been fooled into agreeing with our captors. I refuse to be a victim any longer. We need to stand up Proud and Strong, I reaffirm my Birth Oath, long-forgotten, now remembered.

  • I AM of the Mother,

(all matter, the earth and The Creation),

  • of the Father,

(Abba, Awa, agua, “wa-wa”, AWE),

  • and of the Son

(Sun — the spark of existence, the spirit, the life within, the Christ nailed to the tree)

  • I will protect my home and Her children (be it ant … Or dragonfly … or lion.. or human … or eagle)
  • with assistance from AWE and Sun,
  • To the best of my ability, all the days of my life.
    • Amen

Oath credit, the Father and the son, Jesus Christ, as we protect the Mother

Art credit, Hopi Elder, by David StarKey.


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