Heads Up, they’re watching us!

Hello, my friends. I’ve decided to poke my head out of my current rabbit hole to let you know about the curious little function my beloved husband and I have discovered.

We wondered how Facebook knew what ads to spit across our internet interactions. We found something more interesting than the answers to the various “Which character are you?” quizzes we take every now and then.

Heck, Facebook seems to know us better than we know ourselves. You know all of those Internet quizzes you take? Ya ever wonder how Facebook knows you so well? Maybe you should take a look down this rabbit hole.

… free of charge.

Of course, you may get lost looking at these preferences that tell the world of advertising

who we are based on our actions

… after all, actions DO speak louder than words, you know.

We found it on our phones. I haven’t found that specific rabbit hole on my laptop yet, but I will …. there are plenty of rabbit holes that tempt me away from the original search, so I have to be careful to keep myself focused on the task at hand.

This is how They know us so well. I’ve found they’ve pigeonholed me into some pretty interesting categories, based on my internet activity. (I’m SO glad I’ve kept my activities pretty clean!)

This is a pretty good way to figure out how your actions tell the world who you are.

Makes me kinda wonder …]

At the End Times, when we get judged before the Great Judge, I’m SO GLAD I am still …

  • Spiritual and Student of things like the
  • Dragonfly and Human
  • Folklore and Thought and
  • Inner Peace and Twirling

Those are just a few of the ad preferences advertisers see when they look at me.

What do your Ad Preferences tell the world about you?

Remember, we don’t set these preferences. Facebook does that all by itself, based on our fingerprint — our judge-ment based on our online activity.

Our keystrokes matter, you know.

See Ya later,

The Dragonfly’s Student


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