Survival of the fittest … It’s all about the dog

Even early on in our travels, we have noticed that it’s all about the dog. It’s refreshing to realize this. Dogs are man’s best friend. Maybe we should listen to what they try to tell us?

The Dragonfly's Student

I’ve been watching the dogs, lately.

Dogs, those brown-eyed, tail-wagging comforting companions are more than pets. To some of us, they are best friends. They are protectors. And to others, they are children.

But these four-legged creatures are more. They are survivors.

I’ve watched them in the wild and surviving conditions that make the wild shudder. I am awed by their survival skills and by their kindness.

Recently, I met Roxanne, a powerful and beautiful German Shepherd that could have become a police officer’s loyal companion. Her early life was not lucky for her, though. She survived, walking away from an abusive situation on three healthy legs and a partially severed fourth. Since then, she’s found a happy home where she is the mother hen to other rescued dogs.

On this trip, I’ve also met wild dogs, some that live far from human contact, others that still thrive on the…

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