Thoughts on Synchs

[update 12/19/2019]πŸ’

I’ve been doing some deep thinking recently … when I was a public school teacher, I learned about the YOLO craze — You Only Live Once. That thinking drives people to do what makes them happy right now, without regard to others or to any higher force for good.

You gotta take a second look at this phenomenon; see it for what it could be. And now, taking a deep look from the hindsight of almost 20/20, πŸ•΅ I’ve noticed some things.

The YOLO craze has gone the way of other crazes, but has birthed many more. Recently, I think it’s Synchronicity, what Jung called meaningful coincidences.

The phenomenom requires deep analysis.

What drives it?

Could it be some of us are tired of the way it is? Maybe we sense that there is something we’re missing here? We see synchronicity all around us, but we don’t know what to make of it.

I say, pay attention.πŸ€”

Maybe the 7s you keep seeing remind you of airplanes or maybe it makes you think of the 777 jackpot you would love to hit. Cool.

But what if every 777 you see is when you are talking to a new friend? I would assume (because that’s what I’ve tied to a good sign) that our friendship is a great connection.

On the other hand, let’s say I’ve been putting something off because every time this item on my to-do list comes up, I am bombarded with 6s (a number I may associate with bad luck because of its spiraling-in-on-itself nature).

πŸ•΅I might pause to rethink that task.

That’s maybe the point.

  • Pause
  • Rethink
  • Analyze your beliefs and your personal superstitions; just like dream analysis, it’s all about what things mean to you. Then, once you’ve come to understand and have become confident in your conviction
  • Yell it from the rooftop; maybe not literally, but definitely exude it in all you say and do; LIVE it.

That’s how I see synchronicity — a head’s-up reminder to pay attention to what I’m doing with my life.

The original ending to this blog presented the argument that maybe we are looking for a hero to get us out of this humdrum life of ours because we know there’s something better.

That Hero, to many, and to me, is Christ.

What I’ve been thinking is that He is The Way, so I follow His teachings. I try to live up to the Life He modeled for us, like a treasure map to the Heavenly Pot of Gold.πŸ†

Remember that W.W.J.D. craze? Same thing. “What would Jesus do?” was telling us to analyze our actions based on the model He left for us.

Really, folks. I’m no hero. I’m a mom and a daughter and a wife and a teacher. I’m a writer and an MS survivor and a runner and baton twirler who has found her contentment. (Who needs more than that?β­πŸ—β€πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š)

Most importantly, I am a child of the Most High.

I’m just glad I can learn from past Giants, even if their stories are hidden in our so-called archaic mythologies.

Just another random musing, updated, with a little! 😁 my friends.

Keep on learning.

Keep on searching.

Keep on Believing!

The Dragonfly’s Student


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