There is life all around us

Five years ago, we were seeing the symphony of Gaia. It is still singing to us, no matter where our travels take us. What an enjoyable trip back in time this has been. Where were you compared to where you are now? Can you hear Gaia’s music?

Much love,

The Dragonfly’s Student

The Dragonfly's Student

“Our mother is alive.” The Juggler wanders deeper into the trees, his lesson trailing him like a word-bubble in a comic strip. I follow so as not to not miss a beat, but he moves faster. Behind him, the dark closes in and I am forced to use my senses.

Silence. Not even his musical phrasing can be heard. I try to listen closer, but he’s no longer talking.

“Listen to the still silence of the night,” a voice says in the quiet of my mind. And so, I listen. At first, I hear nothing. The darkness closes in … nothing. Nothing except the quickening of my breathing.

Sunrise Santa Ynez

Then there’s a rustle. A breeze through the leaves. A sigh.

I’m still not sure where my teacher went, so I stand near the place where I last saw him. My hand rests on the rough bark of a tree and I…

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