The Parable of the Tenders of the Garden

Dear Friends,

Another Origin story from our Monkey King…

The Monkey King wishes to keep alive the story about the faith of two gardeners, First Male and First Female on the land of Paradise, where the Monkey King has a Mansion in the Eternal Father’s House.

It is a story older than time, yet fresh and new. It is a story never before told yet born the First Day when the Creator dreamed a dream to Life. It may even be the Creator’s First Musing, if you will.

Please enjoy the Parable of the First Tenders of the Garden.


The Monkey King gathered his children around him to tell once-again the story of First Male and First Female in the magnificent web of life in which they lived.

Once there was a female who lived in Paradise with her brother. They had been directed to tend the garden and its inhabitants.

At first they worked together closely. The two guardians thoroughly enjoyed their responsibilities as they helped the Garden expand. Larger and larger it grew, until they felt their duties were growing increasingly difficult.

Because the Garden had grown so large, they considered each other’s strengths and their needs in tending the ever-expanding Garden.

Female enjoyed communing with Father and Mother and their animals in the forest near her sisters, the trees, for she adored the way the Creatures interacted, sometimes even nuzzling each other for no necessity but to kiss. ‘Wondrously Amazing,’ Male had called them one day. Female agreed.

Male’s habit had been to commune with his thoughts and the Parents before tending to his duties with stoic determination.

“You, my sister, enjoy the pleasures of the morning, observing and protecting the smallest of creatures. I, on the other hand, find strength in the silence of my meditations wherein I converse with our Father and Mother.”

They did not relish the idea of dividing themselves, for they knew they had been Created as a pair, but their duty to the Father was Supreme for them. They decided to tend separate sections of the Garden the next day.

“We will return home at the end of our tasks, converse about the day, and discuss the next day’s duties,” said Male.

“Raven will be our companions when we are apart,” Female added. “They will be our connection.”

The two garden tenders had never been apart. Faith in each other strengthened their spirits as they forged ahead in their tasks. They were to be apart to share their duties as guardians but always return.

The next morning, Female did as they had planned, and left for the forest in the Garden, following the sparkling crows as they led the way. Reaching the forest, Female bid farewell to her quides, who left to assist Male. They would return to ensure a safe journey home once Male no longer needed their aid.

Day after day Male and Female repeated the routine, some days working together, some days apart, until the day she came across Serpent in the Garden.

Serpent had considered attempting to convince Male to share some of the delicious fruit Serpent had just discovered. Knowing the Female was more gentle, Serpent hid himself from Male and chose a different plan. He waited until Female was alone after Raven had flown away.

“Hello, my friend,” he said. “How are you enjoying this marvelousssssss day?” He said, ending his word with his typical Sssssssss.

Not wanting to be rude, for Serpent was also one of Father’s creatures, Female continued with her task of collecting this morning’s ripe fruits to share with Male later that day, placing her gatherings in the basket she carried.

She glanced at Serpent politely, “Good morning, friend Serpent. How are you this Blessed morning?” She then continued picking berries, not wanting to be distracted from her task.

Serpent was not as respectful. He approached and asked her curiously, “Why are you here alone?”

“I am not alone. I am surrounded by Mother’s plants and creatures.” She glanced around to prove it, but the creatures were nowhere to be seen.

“Oh,” said Serpent. “It seemssss you are alone!” he smiled. “Do not worry, I will not bite.”

Female continued picking the berries, (trusting the crows had sensed Serpent.) Serpent entertained her with his melodious voice, singing stories to her about the most recent activities of Mother’s Creatures. Female focused on her task rather than his voice, for she had already learned to suspect a Creature other Creatures avoid.

But Female was too trusting sometimes.

In his storytelling, Serpent led her deeper into the forest, Female kept her eyes focused more on gathering fruit so as not to risk being bedazzled by Serpent’s notorious gaze, when suddenly, they were at the Forbidden tree.

“Oh, no. Serpent, I must go now!”

“What is wrong, my friend?” He, too, noticed where they were. “Oh, my. This must be synchronicty! I had just been wondering if you would like to taste this marvelous fruit I discovered yesterday. It is just ripe enough to have become more than what it was!”

Not wanting to offend him, Female had paused a little too much for a little too long. As he talked, he reached her side, gripping her in his hypnotic gaze. “It is something you should experience, also. I promise you, you will never regret it.”

Female considered the Forbidden Fruit, then shielded her eyes from the Temptation, for she understood that eating this fruit might tear her away from the Garden and her brother once Father found out, for that was His only rule.


She shook her head, No. Then a loud flutter of wings pulled her eyes skyward as Raven rushed in from the clouds; a loud Caw cracked the skies.

Raven called from the treetops, for Male had sent them back once they  reported Serpent’s presence. Female quickened her step and met her brother rushing toward her.

Never again did they separate, for that day they realized that the two of them were better together than either of them could be by themselves.

The Monkey King pounded his stick to signify the story was complete, and his children cheered at the happy ending of the story-before-the-story that became the once-and-forever-truly Happily Ever After.🕊

Thank you for sharing in my world, my friends. Much love and many happily-ever-afters to you.💙❤💜

The Dragonfly’s Student