Old Lessons Unlearned

The Dragonfly paid a visit the other day. I was reminded of another time, a time when I was innocent. Everyone had hope for themselves and their future; everyone made dreams, then lived them. 🤔 … I thought.🤷

Life was about finding what you liked to do and getting paid to do it. Working 9 to 5 (or 7 to 3 for me) was acceptable if your goal was to work to save up to take vacations then later retire with a nest egg. At least, that’s what the World told us.

Then, things changed. I changed.

I started seeing myself as a Child of a very forgiving Father God…. and then I wanted to make myself worthy of His Love.

I started rethinking my thinking. I realized not everyone enjoyed living their lives. In fact, no one was joyful. They simply lived. So many waiting for something or someone or nothing and no one.

That’s when my life changed drastically. I hadn’t been living my Truth. I lived two, maybe four, different lives. I took stock of my life and realized I needed to live my Truth, instead of hiding under layers and masks.

I say this to point out something I’ve been noticing. This COVID-19 world in which we are now immersed has given many the same reality sucker-punch. We are suddenly realizing things about ourselves and our world that we had never paused long enough to consider.

I say, take a breather and take the time to change your world and make yourself that person your younger You would be proud to Know.

This 👑virus cleansing need not be a painful process, but maybe it should be. Would Little You be proud of you today? Would you be happy or feel like you’re at your happy ending?

Are we living our own Truth? Will Father be proud? Or are there things that make us want to hide behind a tree when He Calls us?

I hear, “come out of her, my people.”

I say, give yourself a chance to breathe and find your Truth, that inner you that will survive until the end.

I say, take advantage of the changes in this world and in us. Be the person you wanted to be when you were making wishes on stars! Educate yourself and expand!

✔ “Invest in that which is within,” my friends. Make yourself a New You. Work on re-creating yourself. Make yourself the Best You you can be! Is it a baton you want to master twirl? Do you want to master the piano? Reflect on your Truth. Invest with your Heart.

Make Father proud. Make Mother cry with Joy.

We are not captive; we are free to choose how we react to whatever life throws our way. So choose where you go from here and make yourself into the person you are inside.

Claim your crown, 👑👸🤴, you fabulous Beings!💚

Much love to you, my friends. May we all find our way back Home to Father’s Heart and Mother’s arms.

The Dragonfly’s Student


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  1. So true. The problem, as you explained, is that we have to make decisions about life when we do not know what life is. We made decisions based on feelings, or needs or society’s codes. Let us learn from our mistakes, correct those that we can and accept those that we cannot change.

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