A moment of clarity

I’ve been thinking about a recent conversation I had. Casually, we spoke in confidence about people we know and love and their personal relationship with God. I’ve been beating myself up about the entire conversation since then. Ugh, 🤦, after all, “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” (Ephesians 4:29)

The conversation was spurred by a recent drug trial that was suddenly halted. (👑 😉) One of the subjects reported, “I can’t feel God!” on the response page.

At the time we had our conversation, I took the opportunity to assume whether anyone I knew would be upset by that effect of not feeling God. I was assuming other people don’t have that “voice of God” in their lives.

Thinking back on that judgment of mine now, I’m ashamed. Who the heck do I think I am, assuming how and whether others experience God?!

God’s thought has been with us for a very long time. (How could we assume The Creator would be limited in how He speaks to His children?)

I wondered how that person with the “adverse reaction” in the clinical trial knew (s)he was hearing God before His  voice went silent?

I’ve known people who waver on their belief in God, yet still have dreams where angels guide their actions. …

And I knew a little boy who asked about the little voice in his head that he knew “was not his own thoughts.” …

And a woman who will suddenly go out of her way when she gets the urge to help a stranger.

I Believe God is something for everyone. He is in our dreams. He’s that “little voice”. He’s that sudden urge to help. He’s that gut instinct. He’s in the Synchrocity that catches your attention and He’s the repetitive numbers that you know because you always see them.

These are His winks, His “good job” or His pay attention reminders to think about what we’re doing. This is God.

He’s saying Hi. He’s asking you to listen. He’s guiding your decisions or He’s asking you to “think before you leap” like a nagging parent.

We can choose to turn Him off. We can ignore His advice. (Although, I don’t advise that. Whenever I’ve ignored my gut, I’ve regretted my decision.)

I fear that in the Times we’re in, in our impatience to get things done so we can “get back to normal,” we won’t notice we turned Him off until it’s too late.

But No, I don’t fear that, because I Know #LoveWINS in the End because everybody wants a happy ending … and because “the Bible tells me so.”

You see, God is “the still small voice” who spoke to Elijah (1 King’s 19: 11-13).

God is in those quiet moments when our thoughts go silent so we can hear from our heart.

God is in that Guilty conscience that Knows you owe somebody an apology.

I am sorry.

I should never presume what another person thinks, and I’m angry at myself for slipping into that frame of mind. Assuming how someone else connects to that Indwelling Spirit is stupid. 🤦

We all meet God in the way that is right for us. My way is not better, it is just one way of many … which is another reason God is Great!

This blog post is something I felt driven to write, maybe to clear my conscience, maybe just to finally identify who God is in me, or maybe because you, reading this right now, needed to read this before you chose to ignore that little voice talking to you.

I don’t know. God works in mysterious ways, you know.😉

Much love to you, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student


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