Musings from the end of the dock

I once heard a story of a man who stood awe-struck at the end of a dock contemplating the swirling waters. When he jumped into the vortex, it dropped him off in our Reality; then he began living his new life. There were things he remembered from before the dive, tools he was supposed to master, brief Knowings that came true while the memory was still fresh, the Glee over being allowed to walk-into this reality. Proofs he experienced that changed his life. Pretty amazing Truths that proved his world had changed that day.

So, I wonder, as we prepared for our leap into this life into Agua (AWA) from the end of the dock, did we Know what we were getting ourselves into? Was our experience jumping in just like my friend’s, except we forgot? Did I plan what I wanted to experience before my own dive into the vortex? Have I followed that plan?

I’ve been thinking and creating stories of a reality where I am part of the Guardians of La Tierra (the Earth), but we forgot and have allowed others to change our functions.

We are the gardeners, the healers, the protectors, the carpenters, the toymakers. We each have our own service to provide, but the beneficiary should be our Home, the Earth, and its inhabitants. Is it too late to re-think our modern-day thinking and make things right?

Along the way, we multiplied, then fell out of line. We forgot. We became consumers rather than growers.

We call her Terra Gaia. She is our home. She thrives along with us. She provides if we allow and seek Her help.

There are so many life lessons hidden from our memories because of the hum-drumness of life. Those times when we realize our grandparents were wise. Like one woman I once knew who played board games with her grandchildren. The children remember the random notes she taped to the games with yellow Post-its. Now, looking back as adults, her Reminder Post-its have become meaningful life lessons.

One such lesson came on The Game of Life box:

At the end of the game, it all goes back in the box.

“A person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not have a rich relationship with God.” (Luke 12:21)

She wanted to make sure little pegs didn’t get left in the carpet, I thought. Now, however, I see it with different eyes.👀

Have we put all the pieces back in our own Game of Life? Did I collect the kind of treasures that matter in Heaven? Because, really, that’s my End goal in this life.

But why is this fair that we’re born not knowing why? How is this fair? This is why this world is full of unbelievers. How is it fair to keep us blind until death?

How could God allow this?

But God is not the one keeping this from us. God is Always available, and God answers prayers. He is kind of obvious at it sometimes when you notice all the God winks 😉 (synchronicity). Are you listening?

Are you proud of the game you are playing? Will you have great memories or will you get stuck on games lost and kicked over in anger?

I have to admit, my life has been blessed, but there are things I have done that I’m not proud of. Quite a few. The memories of some still weigh heavy on my heart as I work my way through soul revelations and the exercise of Repenting (or re-thinking my thinking and admitting my errors and changing my mind, a “woman’s prerogative” that should be available to all of us!). It has been a long and arduous process.

I am encouraged by Knowledge of The Father.

I know our Father, the Great Creator, AWA (the Awe of ALL), is waiting for us to Repent so that we can get back to our Grand Plan before He rings the big bell calling us back to the end of the dock and Home.

Are we ready? I’m working on it. How about you, my friends?

Much love to you. 💕

The Dragonfly’s Student