Learning to learn

This Governments-initiated Time-Out for Humanity that is the πŸ‘‘ virus has taught me a lot, especially after I saw there was a lesson that could be learned from all of this. The Bible tells us “the meek shall … inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5) Meek means teachable. 🀷 Well, at least, They let us keep our internet so that we can learn.

β˜‘ I have been trying to make the best of these times, (in my own Pollyanna way) so I’ve been researching things I had never questioned before. Expanding my knowledge base. Looking into history that is not in our  schoolbooks.

β˜‘ I’ve learned to look into my Soul. I’ve turned to God instead of the programming. And I’ve learned that God, the Creator, is always with us! On that note: βœ” Our souls can be eternal (Romans 6:23) “the gift from God is eternal life.” This short span of human life is a perfect time to live and learn what our Inner Sol wants to learn. I’ve heard that Earth-learning can be very beneficial to us in our Forever-life.

I like to think that, like butterflies, we emerge from our cocoon onto another step on our soul’s journey; it’s as if WE are the ever-evolving pocket monsters from the Pokemon world. Personally, I liked Evee’s evolution to Espeon.😊

“You must be born again. ” (John 3:7)

I’ve also been working on some things I’d like to carry onto the next step of my journey, like:

β˜‘ Baton twirling. It has definitely helped me stay fit and mentally alert. (TRUTH alert: my teacher is David. I’m so grateful for him every dayπŸ™.)

Passing my first levels of Compulsories at Florida State competition in October of 2018. Proving to me that I could learn something new.πŸ‘

β˜‘ Crochet gifts … hats, baby blankets, then Amigurumi toy owls. This was my focus for Christmas 2020. Learn more: < https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amigurumi >

My latest “How are you feeling today?” emoji pet with an adaptable Emo Face. That was fun!

β˜‘ Pay attention to your heart, or Cora-zone. David has learned to listen to his Heart. He realized some shows we have watched directly agitated his heart through the soundtracks. We researched it and it’s more than just a theory. Look it up! πŸ‘€ We are now very selective with what we watch.

πŸ”² Now I’m learning to play the Lyre, the instrument the Biblical King David played that soothed the demons haunting Saul. I’ve already learned Happy Birthday for my grandmother and my sister! There’s so much more I work on every day … 😊 (here, again, I am grateful for my teacher, David.πŸ’œ)

My work station as Minnah sleeps! πŸ‘

It may seem like I don’t care how the world is right now. I know some of us have lost loved ones, and my heart goes out to you.πŸ˜’πŸ’œ I πŸ™ pray that you are doing the best with what’s been handed to us.

I’m also sad 😒 for all whose lives have been turned upside down just when their world had been looking brightest. I hope you can see this in a more positive way.πŸ€—

As for me, I’ve decided to make the best out of a bad situation, hoping for the best and keeping the Faith. That’s really all any of us can do. 🀷

On the bright side, it’s like we’re living the life we thought we’d only live when we retired. And, for now, that’s okay for me.

I’m getting ready for life After the lockdowns, by taking advantage of this Teachable moment in time to learn things I never had time to learn. (If my kids were still young, I would have loved to play in their make-believe world with them!)

How about you? I hope that you, too, are making the best of our current situation. Please share your highlights thus far. I’d love to hear from you.πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’–

Much love and good wishes to you, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student


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