Grateful for the Blessings

I am Blessed, to say the least.

I have decided to learn to play a Davidic Harp, and I happen to be living with a musical genius. (For evidence, here’s a piece he composed as the music for a twirling performance in 2017,)… Listen to ‘In the Midst of Her Grace’ composed and performed by D.Starkey – 2:14:17, 3.46 PM by David Starkey 2 on #SoundCloud

I am not exaggerating here. David not only has an excellent ear for music, he also reads and writes music and is able to transpose it immediately to my ability. AND he is able to adapt his accompaniment to the slip-ups in my learning adventure in Real Time!

👂As an example of his tonal ability, we went into a shop looking for a Tibetan singing bowl. After listening to the bowls on display, he chose one that was the “A” we were looking for. Sure enough, when we got it home and checked the tuner, it was an A432.

I’ve heard about people like him. (Like August Rush.) I had just never met one before until I met David. He was a musical prodigy as a kid. He reads and composes music and can play any instrument we happen to find lying around! (He has yet to be stumped by a challenge.)

So, when I say I am learning to play the lyre (or the Davidic Harp),  it’s not some YouTube channel or learn-to-play handbook. It’s full-time, all-around schooling. It was a commitment I was willing to make. And he’s such a good teacher… Positive reinforcement is abundant!🙌 (I truly feel Candy Valle had something to do with this Blessing I have been given.)

My first performance on my lyre harp, Ellelith, was Happy Birthday.

You see, my love of music runs deep. You can say “it’s in my blood” because my grandmother taught me to play the piano, or because I love music and sang with high school and church choirs, or because I have recognized a natural  human talent I can expand on (rather than hide it, like in the story of the talents from the Bible.) (Matthew 25:14–30)

I don’t really Know why I’m learning to play this instrument. I felt guided to pick it up.  Maybe to prove to myself that I can learn something new! Maybe so that I can play a harp in Heaven one day.🤷 (I don’t even know why I’m writing this blog. I’m just letting the Spirit guide me, as It always does. It has never led me astray.)

Maybe After Covid has completed its run on humanity, I’ll get back to a normal life. … I wonder if anyone needs an Organ-playing, Flute and Lyre musical couple for a wedding?

Or maybe I’ll do something with the baton twirling that helps me conquer my MS symptoms? (I have learned those skills from David, also.) Or the party planning I learned from Kathi’s Klowns ….🤔

Only God Knows.

How are you mastering yourself these days, my friends? I hope you are making use of these times, as well.

I’m going back to my lessons, now.✋

💜 The Dragonfly’s Student


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