The 20/20 hindsight process

20/20 hindsight: the full knowledge and complete understanding that one has about an event only after it has happened

“Twenty-twenty hindsight.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 21 Apr. 2021.

I grew up hearing that “Hindsight is 20/20” so when 2020 came around, I thought it was a big coincidence that our world changed as the year started.🤔

I Know that one day this year will be seen as a bad memory, but, as we wait, I can also see it as an ongoing School Detention lesson where the teacher required a Reflective Essay on our time in detention. Like the definition above of the idiom “Hindsight is 20/20”, I have used the time we had in 2020 and since to reflect on our lives.

We may one day consider our lives before as Before Covid (BC), when we had much more freedom to do what we wanted to do. A world where we could claim to care about others, but most of us were stuck living in a matrix, spinning in our own hamster wheel until we could live the life we were “supposed” to live. Then we could think about helping others.🤷 At least that’s how I thought it was supposed to go.🤦

Then came Covid, when the hamster wheels we ran on were forced to stop.  We, as a society, were put in one HUGE Time-out. David and I spent 2020 following rules and keeping out of the world. We used the time to reflect on things. We used the time to analyze the life we had been living BC. We also used the time to look into those synchronicities that we call “God winks” or simply, messages from God/ Higher Selves. Only in hindsight can the truth behind synchronicity be discovered.

Those Synchronicity Moments are telegraphed from Higher You to Stuck-on-Earth-You. They are Messages or reminders to keep us focused on the reason we came to Earth to be born, guiding us through the Living of this life.

David and I have been looking back on past moments that turned out backwards. We’ve been analyzing and synching things. …

… Like that day we went against the syncs and our gut instincts … That day that ended in a series of truly  unfortunate events caused when we ignored the signs that told us to re-think our plans. Only now, (years later) are we finally able to smack ourselves for ignoring the signs! 🤦

Reading and understanding the synchronicity is NOT an easy thing. It takes paying attention when it feels like someone is trying to clue us in on how we should react to the world around us.

We were going to give examples to teach how to read and understand  synchs… bumblebees and matching pickup trucks, a hawk call interrupting our discussion, an unexpected phone call …. The truth is, only you can read your own synchs. Only you can understand those messages from Above.

The thing is, there are so many times  recognizing messages is easier when looked at in hindsight, where we can see a bigger picture of what happened. We recommend regular hindsight reviews for practice. Once we understood the messages, it became easier to “speak” with the Messenger who tries to guide us.

Eventually, this 20/20 hindsight review will become routine… There may come a day when the syncs and gut feelings will be real-time decision moments, like the stories of the time that famous actor changed his plans last-minute because of a gut feeling that kept him from boarding that plane on that fateful day.

You see, we get hints through movies on how this works. Plot points and twists where we, as the watcher, catch the hints and know the character should STAY OUT of the spooky house that day or think twice about taking that first step that leads to a series of events for which they are not prepared.

Life can work like that for you, once you learn how to work with your Jiminy Cricket Consciousness APP. (Pinocchio’s wiser mind). But we have to be watching for these “God winks” in order to understand.

Do you have any tips on how you read and interpret your synchronicities, my friends?

Much love to you.💜💚

The Dragonfly’s Student



  1. I studied dream, tattoo and piercing interpretation while in seminary and began flipping bad dreams or images for good. Now I look at most things with the natural dilemma and flip it to fir the spiritual essence it is trying to reveal. A dream about a ministry leader coming into my home to keep me out of the shower could cause caution because it means he doesn’t want me to be cleansed because he longs for my beliefs to take on his. So I flipped it for good, took it as a heads up and declared that I would maintain my truth while honoring his. Before I knew it he pushed me out of the leadership circle, but I had a sense from my dream of that happening, so I had peace knowing I heeded the warning humbly.

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  2. Very truthful: if only we learned to see those hints on time. The problem is that when we realize this, over half your life has been spent looking the other way.

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