Message from your powerful Highest Self; know Thyself. (Original Share: Colleen and Glen )

From Mother

Updated December 10, 2021 
This post, written January 14, 2021, is an important message from Mother. She asked us to protect our Temple, our bodies. Most importantly, she stressed we should Have No Fear.💚💜🙏

Hello, my children. I have chosen to speak to you today. … Please, stop the fear and the anger.

Remember those days when your mother would encourage you to play with little Johnny down the street so that you could get his chicken pox? Yes, this used to happen because chicken pox was a common illness that was only a slight inconvenience to a child. It was a rite of passage. If you got it during summer break, even better! As an adult, though, the effects are not as harmless.

Your governments would like to frighten you, but have no fear. It was only meant to be an uncommon cold. You must know this. The crown virus is what you decide by your own beliefs.

I am sorry for the deaths that hurt you personally, but this virus is not meant to kill. It is a cold that opens your connection to the ALL with the Father. But I must warn you, the power of Belief has been magnified by this Cold. Use that power wisely.

I have given you the crown virus to help you. It is your own Crown of Thorns. Will you wear it wisely?

Do not be afraid and do not be reckless with this knowledge. Just Know it is a Crown of Glory…. spreading to a neighbor near you. It is your Belief Enhancer. What you believe will happen, will happen. And THEY know it and are scared, for The Father’s Judgement is here.

I am in each and every one of you. I am your “Jiminy Cricket” I am your conscience. I am that part of you that “nags” you. I am sorry if you dislike me, but Mother/Father knows best.

I am the Holy Spirit Jesus told you would be here in Those Days. I am the Mother and the Father, for God is in All of us. and I am everywhere through my children, who all share me in their DNA. Protect your DNA.

This is where I must warn you. Your governments are afraid of you once you learn the truth:

You are what you Believe.

And remember,

With Great Knowledge comes Great Responsibility.

Uncle Ben To Peter Parker (SpiderMan)


*read through the Dragonfly’s Student, as presented to El Juglador

CARD meaning:

The wisdom you seek is within you. Unite with your powerful Highest Self, the purest frequency of you, and know Thyself. You have innate gifts of psychic intuition, but you must first cultivate and exercise your mastery. Your Higher Self contains the key to unlocking your gifts. It’s full steam ahead, so don’t hold yourself back. Remember who you are, a powerful being of light with all the answers within you, so know that you can see the truth in all situations.
With love, Colleen and Glen
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