The Parable of the Great Tree

Once upon a time, the Monkey King sat at the peak of the Great Tree that reached into the clouds in order to commune with his eldest son.

“My son, you have grown of age. I must now tell you of your inheritance. This tree is our life force. Our family uses it for sustenance – its branches support us; its coverage protects us; its fruit nourishes us. But it needs us, as well. It is our function to protect it from parasites that threaten to kill.

“As is foretold, you must set out on your own before you can become king of your own tree. Along the way, there will be challenges. You will encounter danger, you will find friends, you will grow hungry. I ask you only to not take the fruit of the tree that is meant to nourish your brothers and sisters. Feed off the parasites that endanger our home and of the ripened fruit that has fallen to the ground.

“You are meant to be a great king, but you must prove yourself first.”

….. (Please follow the link for the full retelling)

When El Juglador and I wrote this story, I didn’t know what I know now. This story takes on a different meaning for me today. We invite you to follow the link to the full story.


The Dragonfly’s Student

Link to original story:

The Parable of the Great Tree

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