Meeting Halfway, homework assignment

Recently, Teacher left us a homework assignment. It is simple, yet difficult, so study the directions.

STEP 1 … List the colors of emotions. Go through the rainbow, starting with black and ending with white. Does black represent sadness for you because of its connection to death or is it exciting because your favorite band only wears black? Go through the list quickly, choosing the emotion that first comes to mind.

STEP 2 … Return to black and explain why each color commands that emotion from you. For example, if red means peace for you, is it because you remember sitting on your grandfather’s lap being read a story when he got a nosebleed? Think well. Make this a short trip to the therapist – is yellow the color of sadness because that’s the color your cousin was wearing the day she died? This might take some time of introspection.

STEP 3 … Return to the top again. Now, list an opposite emotion. Is Red also an angry color because it reminds you of teacher marks over your cherished project in second grade? Is yellow a color of happiness because of the sunflowers that dot the road on your way home from work in the Spring? Many students have trouble finding the other side to the coin of their emotions, so don’t dismiss this step.

Teacher stresses it is of utmost importance. That is why he has given us a while to meditate on this.

FINALLY, By the time you reach this point in the assignment, you should have taken a very important step toward your spiritual advancement. We hope you realize that nothing in this world is an extreme. Borrowing from another teacher, the most revered Mr. Shakespeare — “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

For truly, it is all about perception.

Much love and many lessons,

The Dragonfly’s Student


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