The Biggest Truth

Oh, the roads I have travelled since the Dragonfly Teacher first entered my life …. He was the jokester, the big brother, the wise uncle and, finally, the all-knowing teacher who led me down a path I didn’t know I was traveling until I was almost at my destination. Yet one of the most precious lessons I learned is one I haven’t felt free to voice to you, dear reader.

I’m ready today.

There is an awakening going on all over the world. Chances are, if you are following this blog, you sense it, too. The thing is, no matter how many of us are awakening, there is still something that keeps people from admitting the biggest Truth.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16 KJV)

Being Christian is not acceptable in this world.

For many years, as a journalist, then as a teacher and the wife of a wonderful man who is agnostic, I kept my faith hidden except from my sons. You see, it is okay to say you believe in ghosts and super heroes, but it is still not acceptable to tell the world you believe in a Creator and His Son and the Most Holy Spirit.

The dragonfly led me to acknowledge and accept the burning drive in my soul to stand up and be counted. And, when the time was right, I was finally able to do as Yeshua (Jesus) told his followers …

“If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” (Matthew 16:24 KJV)

It hasn’t been easy. I have left my hometown and my family. I was fortunate in that my sons were young men, but I will still be judged for leaving them and their father to find myself. I understand that truth and it cuts me deeply whenever I think about it. The only point I must make here is that something in my soul was dying. I was lost. Only my faith in our Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit, and The Son kept me from drowning. God knows where my lost soul would have taken me.

I could find no home in a temple built by man. I sought and found God within me. The more I discovered, though, the more separated I felt from those in the physical world around me. The need to uncover the truth within me drove me away from everyone and everything I knew. That’s the way it has to be. The best way (and, for me, the only way) to truly repent the sins that have driven us from God is to separate ourselves from that world that embraced us when we were falling away from the One Source. Once I started finding my Truth, my thirst for more became unquenchable.

Many are as confused as I was, I know. We don’t understand why we’re unhappy. We seek comfort in a bottle or the medicine cabinet or the “boob” tube, among other things, but that comfort is fleeting. We look for something that sparks our soul, not knowing if we’ll recognize it when it slaps us across the face. Now, looking back on the past two years, I have identified that “a-ha” moment that started me on this new road.

At seventeen, I wrote in my diary that one day I would be traveling across the country with a chocolate lab and a camera. That thought hovered in my subconscious for thirty years until a puppy came into my life. Minnah looked like a small chocolate lab puppy and she fit into that knowing from my youth. The fire of recognition sparked as I plotted my travels; it grew into a flame. Now, two years later, I am living that Knowing that I had as a youth, and I’ve never felt more at one with my Creator. The New Age groups I encountered along the way eventually dimmed the fire, so my journey continued alone for a long while until I met El Juglador, who continues with me down the path that called us both. I thank God every day for allowing me such a friend. I am blessed with continued lessons.

I must admit I had to make some drastic changes and repent in order to feel I was right with God – not because of a supposed Judgment from an overpowering Lord but because, as a “sinner,” I felt unworthy to enter into the presence of the Almighty. Papa Dios, is what I called Him when I was a child, my Eternal Father, in essence.

There’s something in the air

Many are feeling a burning in their soul or a sense of dis-ease with their life. They may look at what I’ve done and consider it too drastic for them. I get that! I can’t expect anyone to do what I’ve done. It took faith and luck and an awful lot of good timing and help from above.

These past two years have taken me on a roller coaster ride like no other. I have changed in ways I could never have imagined. The things that mattered to me before don’t even measure a blip on my radar screen right now. The things that matter to me now did not even exist as possibilities for my reality.

Now that I am living my Truth, I am at peace. I feel protected. He loves me. I’ve never been more sure about it and it has never been as palpable an emotion as it is today. There’s no question. I am loved regardless of whether I follow His will or rebel. Following His path, however, is what feels right to me.

Let me tell you something else, my friends. As children of the Eternal Creator, we are all loved. I am not alone. The Love our Creator has for you is deeper and truer than anything you can ever imagine.

The Lord is saddened by the distance that separates us from Him. It is a distance created by man, not by God. He is the Father from the story of the Prodigal Son who welcomes his long-lost son with an embrace. He is neither judgmental nor egalitarian. There is no need for hell nor reincarnation if during this life we accept the fact of His Love and His gift of his only begotten Son, the Christ who leads us Home, but each must follow the Christ Within. Find the Truth that lies hidden in your soul and spark it back into existence.

Accept it, my friends. Live it.

All my love to you,

The Dragonfly’s Student



  1. The true home of God is within you. I am filled with joy that you have awakened to the Truth. May God bless you and keep you…. Love, Mami

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