Day 9 — Stand for your truth

#grayskychallenge, Day 9

Last night, I found a charming Fedora hanging on a Bob’s Barricade, as if waiting for me to come claim it. I’ve always loved hats, and Fedoras, especially. I wondered at the reason for that find. So, I did a little research on Online Etymology Dictionary:

fedora (n.)  type of hat, 1887, American English, from “Fédora,” a popular play by Victorien Sardou (1831-1908) that opened 1882, in which the heroine, a Russian princess named Fédora Romanoff, originally was performed by Sarah Bernhardt. During the play, Bernhardt, a notorious cross-dresser, wore a center-creased, soft brimmed hat. Women’s-rights activists adopted the fashion. The proper name is Russian fem. of Fedor, from Greek Theodoros, literally “gift of god.”

Sometimes, the true meanings of synchronicity don’t come until later.

This morning, finding a silver lining for my gray skies was a challenge. I had to fend through the frustrations of living in the real world, where being unique is not accepted. Many won’t pity me here, I know. I have spent these past few years trying to live my

truth and staying away from petty people who expect me to be just as caught-in-the-world, face-in-the-phone as I used to be and they still are. I had to meditate a little more than usual to come up with something positive to say. My inner guide thought I needed to explain my intentions for this life I am now living. I needed to reclaim my Truth.

Gift-from-God perched on the top of my head, now, I am ready to find the silver lining for day nine … and it is this, when the whirlwinds of the day try to rip me apart, I must remember my reason for being in this place at this time of my life. I must stay true to myself. I must never allow my shoulders to sag nor my head to bow. I must hold on to my hat and my identify, proudly proclaiming, “I am who I am in this life; I am Mari, I am Writer, I am The Dragonfly’s Student, and nothing anyone can do or say can make me forget that Truth!”

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